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seantrell henderson

Continuing with our Q&As, we got the skinny on Seantrel Henderson from the boys over at State of The U to the dish the dirt on him. Seems like a player who can be a diamond in the rough for the Bills if he can get his pot life under control.

1) What are the pros and Cons to Henderson’s game?

SOTU: Seantrel came out of H.S. as one of the most sought after players in the country & earned comparisons to players like Tony Boselli as a prepster. Here is my scouting report on him after 4 years at UM:

Strengths: Sub 5 (4.93) 40 which is incredible for a man his size. Seantrel Henderson is a big body with a bit of speed that is ideal for sculpting into a NFL caliber player.  Excellent hands, capable of delivering a “punch” on both run and pass plays. Down right dominant as a run blocker. Can get out in space on screen plays, bubble screens, etc.. Upside is extremely high.

Weaknesses: Surprisingly inconsistent as a pass protector. Concentration seems to be off at times. Footwork could use some more coaching. Off the field concerns. Health could be a factor with one back surgery already on the books. Admitted multiple suspensions do to marijuana use, and failed drug test at the combine.

2) Do you think he can be an NFL starter?

SOTU: Simply from a talent perspective yes. Needs discipline, mostly off the field to reach his full potential. But at his best is a 1st round talent. He is in the simplest terms a high risk/high reward draft pick.

 3) How is he in terms of pass/run blocking?

SOTU: Slightly better as a run blocker, but when at his best excels at both. Shut down Minnesota Vikings 2013 first round pick Bjoern Woerner one week and was bested the next by guys you will never hear of.

 4) What NFL pro does he remind you guys of?

SOTU: Excellent Q. Former UM superstar and Miami Viking Pro Bowler Bryant McKinnie is the best comparison I can think of. but that is only when he is on his game.

5) Can shed light on his off the field stuff?

SOTU: What is there to say? He obviously has an affinity for pot that has to this point outweighed his desire to reach his full potential as a football player.

6) Anything else worth mentioning about him?

SOTU: NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said it best:  “Seantrel Henderson to me is one of the biggest boom or bust guys in the draft. A year ago I watched him against the kid Bjoern Werner of FSU who went in the first round and he shut him out. You see him play at that level sometimes and a completely different and lower level other times. There’s no consistency with this kid at all. From a talent perspective he’s a first or second round pick. But I don’t see him getting picked anywhere near there. I think he’s probably a 4th round pick. It is a buyer beware.”

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