Q&A about Mike Williams with @Bucstopcom (Also, PFF stats)


As I was feverishly working on a Game Of Thrones piece for the site (Don’t judge me), the news hit that the Bills traded a 6th round pick for Tampa Bay WR and Buffalo native Mike Williams.

So as we do always for the site when we get a new guy in town, I reached out to a blogger who covered his time in Tampa Bay. We got Nicholas Houllis from Bucstop.com to fill in the blanks about the WR. The interview is a bit more heavy on his off the field stuff, so I threw in some PFF.com stats about him for your enjoyment as well. 1) What are Mike Williams strengths and weaknesses when it comes to his on the field play?

Williams is an unselfish player on the field. He will block all day long even if he doesn’t get a catch. He may feel otherwise but he’s never had a T.O. kind of personality. Generally, he’s the quiet guy.

He never was the “ME ME ME” type in calling for the ball more. There were plenty of games where he had only 4 catches and was fine with that because the team won. Williams wasn’t loud either…he was far from a Chad Johnson type. As far as anyone could tell he was well liked in the Bucs locker room. Also. Bucs Beat writers have not had anything bad to say about him other than the things being reported that he did in the last few months.

I don’t think of him as a BIG WR although he is not small, nor is he the burner. He’s also really good in the run blocking department. You could tell he had something when on  his first TD he tipped the ball up over a defender and caught it while tip toeing in the back of the end zone for the score.

2) Can you talk about some of his off the field stuff and attitude? How was he received in the locker room?

Mike has never been a problem in the locker room. He’s a class act in the locker room and reporters here liked him a lot. His only problem up to the last month or so started his rookie year when he got a DUI, but it Turned out to be bogus and chargers were dropped.

Its been quiet since then until this early off season when a report came out on how the last regime (Greg Schiano) were thinking of getting rid of him because his twitter account was full of gangster like photos of his rap career. Then there were reports that he was missing his rehab appointments.

Then it started to come out that he had like 4 or 5 911 calls to his house and that he was responsible for 50K in damages to his home he lived in. Then he had charges pressed on him for domestic abuse. Everything just started to add up really fast.

New coach Lovie Smith is a Dungy disciple…so, he won’t take that kind of stuff. Then he got stabbed, which isn’t his fault..but it was just getting to be too much. After all the Schiano and Josh Freeman crap last year, the Bucs don’t want to be heard in the news except in a positive light.

3)  How do you feel about this trade for the Bills and Bucs?

I hate to lose him. Even with him, the Bucs were short at WR with only Vincent Jackson. Now its worse, but at least it looks like we have right draft for needing WRs. Good for the Bucs to get a draft pick for him at least. I think its a good move for the Bucs and a great move for Buffalo since he’s going home.

4) If you take away the off the field stuff, what type of player could Mike Williams be if he doesn’t get hurt and has his head on right?

A solid No.2 WR. He will never be your No.1.

5) Why did Mike Williams’ stats drop last year?

He was on IR by October for starters…he only played in first 5 games and the last two had an unreported hamstring injury. It was so bad that by week 8 it was realized it was torn, not strained. Plus, you have to realize he had the defunct Josh Freeman throwing the ball the first three weeks then a rookie in Glennon the rest of the way. Everyone except Vincent Jackson had numbers that were low because of the QB.

2013 Pro Football Focus Stats:

–Mike Williams only played 6 games and averaged just 9.8 yards a catch (Note: Mike Glennon didn’t do him any favors) and his best game was a 65-yard performance against New England.

2012 Pro Football Focus Stats:

—Mike Williams was ranked as the 18th best WR.

—His 15.8 yards a catch were the 2nd best in the NFL for any WR with 50 or more catches

—He was ranked 28th in drops with 7

—He was ranked 6th in receptions when passes traveled 20 yards in the air.

—6 of his 9TDs occurred in the red zone

 2011 Pro Football Focus Stats

—Ranked as the 108th best WR

—Ranked 86th in Yard per catch.

—Ranked 9th in drops with 9

2010 Pro Football Focus Stats

–Ranked as the 24th best WR

–4th in TDs with 11 and 4 of them coming in the red zone.

–5th in the NFL in drops with 11.

–8th in YPC for WRs with 50 catches or more.


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