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Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Konopkapocalypse

Ok Sabres fans I have a bone to pick with you… Zenon Konopka. Seriously? Let me just preface my rant by stating the he seems like an interesting (albeit odd) guy. He’s a “local” guy (Niagara on the Lake,) which apparently means you can be from anywhere within a couple hours driving distance. He grew up attending games at the Aud and supposedly always dreamed of playing for the Sabres (I’d like some proof such as a 4th grade essay about what he wanted to be when he grew up. Not buying it.) He has a pet rabbit named Hoppy that took social media by storm (because what else do we have to talk about this season?) Lastly, even if he’s not so good at hockey, he’s good at tweeting.

I understand he was initially brought in to just be another body with the recent rash of injuries. I get he’s really (really) good at face-offs even if according to some local media members those don't matter. I know he’s tough and fits the mold of Nolan’s ideal “nose to the grindstone” type of player. I know all of that. I also know when he was claimed off waivers from the Wild it could have just been an under the radar addition, but that’s not what happened. The guy became an immediate, local celebrity.

In the midst of a crappy season every fan base needs something to cling onto. Something that makes watching the games tolerable even if your team is far out of playoff contention. As Buffalo sports fans, most of us have gotten pretty good at finding those hidden gems of storylines. Things fans of other teams would think we’re nuts for finding interesting. THAT is why I’m so disappointed in all of you. Did we really need to throw a goddamn parade for Zenon Konopka? A 4th liner. I love the Sabres and I love our fans, but that to me just screams pathetic.

It’s not like we haven’t had “local” guys on this team in recent history. Patty Kaleta is from Angola and current teen heartthrob Marcus Foligno is actually from Buffalo. I admit I’ve never seen a grown man who is so into a rabbit before so I guess that’s kinda interesting (in a frightening sort of way,) but I just am sick of being the laughing stock of the league this season and this isn’t helping. Last place in the NHL, John Scott skating on your team’s PP & Stanley Cup type buzz for a 4th line enforcer. Ugh.

Some people tweeted me telling me they’d rather see a guy like Konopka out there than McBain or Leino and I can see your point. I’m fine with him being on the team, especially with those face-off numbers, but can we just play it a little cooler? It’s like meeting a girl at a bar and after about 20 minutes asking her to marry you. Lets institute the play it hard to get rule Sabres fans. Have all the butterflies you want about Konopka, just do it with a little more discretion. When the team wins the Stanley Cup THEN Hoppy can become our rally monkey and he can have a jersey, but until then let’s focus on more boring stuff like winning hockey games.

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