#BWinsPod Episode Two – The One About All the Suspensions

Joe and I are back to chat about the crazy day that was in Bills football whilst I was out and about. We also then go into the perils of #JustCutHim and the spiraling moral judgments that come with any suspension. Enjoy.

Hello caller

#BWinsPod Episode One – The One Where Joe Explains Why He Left

So the big day is finally here – Topics Include: Pre-Season Game 1 vs Colts and what it means (or doesn’t mean) for the season; Joe’s reasoning for “semi-retirement”; General Bills news thoughts – including the drought question and injuries a-plenty; And of course no conversation between Rich and Joe is complete without some pro […]


Talkamania: You’re fired!

(Photo from the Sabres Twitter page) Yo! People got fired and people got hired. So, let's talk about. Heather B. and myself are back for Talkamania. We talk about the firings and the new hires. What else is there? Click the continue to read more button to give a listen and be sure to tell […]

Talkamania 2.0

Hey yo! It has been like 9 months since we've done a podcast on this site. Well, Talkamania is back. I'm joined by Heather B-Funk and we dish the dirt on tons of hot topics: Heather talks about her love for the Pittsburgh Pirates and how she can relate to my anguish of being a […]

Talkamania: Lockout

Heather B. and I talk about the NHL lockout. What else is there to say?

Talkamania XVI: Bills preview

People of Earth. Talkamania is back and we are doing it up Buffalo Bills style. This week, I’m joined by

Talkamania XV

Yes, Talkamania has turned XV and that means we are only one episode away from getting our driver license and crashing our car. On today’s episode we got Dave Davis from Sabres Observer to talk about the Sabres offseason. Topics include: Roy for Ott trade Does Buffalo have a recruiting problem? How I hate the […]

Talkamania XIII

It has been almost 8 weeks since we’ve done a podcast here at the site, well, we are back. Talkamania 13 features yours truly and Zachary Zielonka from Die by the Blade. We talk about the Derek Roy for Steve Ott trade, what the Sabres need to do going forward, and the Ruff vs. Boyes […]