Pokemon Go Crowd

Pokemon Go And You by @husaria

Disclaimer: According to security permissions that you can see at, Pokemon GO on iOS accesses your entire account. So that collection of BOFA you have? Well Niantic can see it. Supposedly, they say they don’t have access, but then they say they do, if you’re an iOS user, I’d stay away until its patched.   […]


Ramsey Bolton Death Pool Pre-“Bastard Bowl” by @rdotdeuce

As you’re quite aware, Joe is a huge Game of Thrones fan. I am as well – and I figured with Sunday’s episode titled “Battle of the Bastards”, it’d be a good time to mix two loves – my love of GoT and the classic board game Clue prior to the battle between Jon Snow’s […]

20 Questions with @JoeBuscaglia

So we are unveiling a new series at Buffalo Wins. Basically we are going to ask some media members -The cool ones who don’t hate us- about their careers. We won’t be asking them about the Bills/Sabres because you can obviously get that info on their own platforms. For our first installment, we have sports […]


2016 NBA Mock Draftin’ by @manecci

I know this is a Buffalo Bills/Sabres hot take haven site but as long as I’m writing for this site I’m going to make it an NBA one as well. I’m a die hard Lakers fan and NBA nut. So after last nights Lakers “victory” I was inspired to attempt my first ever NBA Mock. […]


Baseball’s Ridiculous Unwritten Rules by @mack10zie

Full Disclaimer: I am 100% a Blue Jays fan. Now that this fact is out of the way, I want to address the big brawl from Sunday in which Jose Bautista got jacked by Odor. My issue with this is less about the punch and more about the events that led to it. The unwritten […]

buff billions

The Buffalo Billion, the Most Expensive #becauseitsbuffalo Ever by @husaria

Hello out there. You’re looking at the headline and thinking, what does the Buffalo Billion have to do with sports? So, when Rich asked me to come on board, he asked what I wanted to write about. I said hockey, but I would also write silly pieces about football, (I thought about writing a non-football person’s […]


One Fan(n)’s Wrestling Opinion by @RDOTDEUCE: Pre WrestleMania Weekend Preview In the past year I’ve spent writing for Buffalo Wins, I’ve enjoyed the fact that so many of us have interests outside of the Bills/Sabres/Amerks/Insert other teams here and Joe encourages throwing them together and making a stew. As you’ve read, one of my other “things” is wrestling. This weekend is going to be […]


College Basketball in Buffalo by @BradleyGelber

When it comes to sports in Buffalo, people have their pick. Whether it’s the larger professional teams like the Bills, Sabres Bandits, Bisons. Or the smaller ones like the 716ers & Beauts. Couple that with all of the local college teams and there are plenty of options. While Buffalo has a ways to go to catch […]

Riding on the St. Bonaventure Hope Train by @mmigliore

If you are a Buffalo sports fan or simply follow Buffalo sports closely in 2016, there’s not a lot to feel good about. Frankly, there hasn’t been much to feel good about for more than half a decade. It’s been five years now since one of Buffalo’s two major professional sports teams appeared in the […]

Who should Bills fans root for in the Super Bowl?

Sunday is the last “real” football game until September. Its a bittersweet day because we aren’t going to see a sport we love for the next 7 months. As we watch, I’m always constantly reminded about how much I wish the Bills could get back there. During the national anthem, I start having the Luke […]

Super Bowl prop bets by @mack10zie

It’s Super Bowl week, which means not only is it time to gather for a big party, but it’s time to gamble.  I’m here to take you through all the good prop bets, as well as the game spread.  I’ve gotten all these from Bovada. Will Mike Carey be wrong about a challenge (Yes +110) […]