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The Buffalo Billion, the Most Expensive #becauseitsbuffalo Ever by @husaria

Hello out there. You’re looking at the headline and thinking, what does the Buffalo Billion have to do with sports? So, when Rich asked me to come on board, he asked what I wanted to write about. I said hockey, but I would also write silly pieces about football, (I thought about writing a non-football person’s […]


Rebirth Part 9: 1987 – The Year in Review

Another season down and the last losing campaign for the duration of this series. Despite a disappointing end to their season, 1987 proved to be an interesting ride. The strike and its drama along with the Bennett trade made it memorable without even considering on the field action. Still, there were some noteworthy games to […]


Rebirth Part 8: 1987 – The Trade

Blockbuster trades. Fans love them. No matter how good or bad your team is, there’s nothing like a shakeup on the roster to get your blood racing a bit. That’s why we all have a blast with trade scenarios on video games, and websites like Hockey Buzz have a lot of traffic despite some of […]


Rebirth Part 7: 1987 – The Strike

I debated whether I wanted to go through with this post. Do fans really want to read about a work stoppage from 1987 after just getting through the current lockout? Probably not. And I’d much rather be writing about some of the games and players from the 1987 Bills’ season. But I do need to […]


Rebirth Part 6: 1987 – The Offseason

When I started making analogies between the 90’s era Bills and our current team, I wasn’t sure where it would lead. The more I dive into it, some of the similarities are cool. And just a little freaky. At the end of the last post I made the point that the 1986 and 2010 Bills were […]


Rebirth Part 5: 1986 – Season in Review

Time to put the 1986 Buffalo Bills season to bed. This is probably a good thing. Even though it was an exciting time with the additions of Jim Kelly, Marv Levy, Steve Tasker, and Kent Hull, when your team goes 4-12 it’s not parade time. The Bills took their lumps and learned they had the […]


Rebirth Part 4: 1986- A Player & his Coach

When speaking with Steve Tasker at the uniform launch, he not only fondly recalled the moments spent with his teammates, but also made special mention of the coaches. He rattled off some names – Nick Nicolau (Receivers’ Coach), Ted Marchibroda (Offensive Coordinator), Bruce Dehaven (Special Teams Coach). Before listing these names however, he started off […]


Rebirth Part 3: What Came Before

The first two entries of this series have been very Jim Kelly centric. I thought it was important to start there as his arrival was probably the most pivotal moment in the Bills’ turnaround. And I’m an unabashed Kelly fan, no doubt. But there were some ultra-important personnel moves prior to 1986 in the building […]


Rebirth Part 2: 1986 – Jim Kelly’s 1st Regular Season Game

One thing I’ve learned when writing is to be flexible. In part one of this series, I mentioned that I’d be focusing on my memories and experiences in reliving the 90’s era Bills teams. After writing the last post, I realized I needed to do a lot of research to at least refresh my recollections. Also, it […]

Rebirth Part 1: 1986 – Jim Kelly Signs with the Bills

Most Bills fans have the hope that Buddy Nix is finally righting the ship of our beloved team. Some of the progress on the offensive side of the ball under Chain Gailey last year along with the recent pick of Marcell Dareus to strengthen the D stirs the feelings of rebirth, of a return to […]