Ask The Fake GM Mailbag: 2.0

    Dear Diary, It has been so long since I sat down and touched base. There have been just a few changes since my last entry in 2011. I don’t want to get into all of them, but I am very, very excited about my new toothbrush. I also got a really cool tie […]


Fake Darcy Sounds off

  Well, I invite all the bloggers to this little Q&A session and, once again, only Joe shows. Apparently you have cured all the dog-phobics in the world and have time to blog. Bravo, Joseph. There are 35 chairs in the room, so why are you seated all the way in the back? Well, just […]


Thank You!

  I had this acceptance speech written for a while but I made a few tweeks. I think it will work. #LazyGM First and foremost, I’d like to say I never actually thought I’d win the Stanley Cup, GM of the Year, Artvoice Best Twitter Feed Award.  So many people have helped us me along the […]


Q&A with Fake Darcy: Press Conference

Be sure to vote for Fake Darcy as the best Twitter feed in Buffalo! Photos by Buffalo Observer Mr. Fake Darcy! How are you today? I’m great, Joe. Hey bud, you sure are sweating excessively. Are you all right? We can re-schedule, ya know. Holy flop-sweat! This is hilarious. You look like Albert Brooks in […]


Q&A with Fake Darcy: Deadline day review

Congratulations Darcy! How does it feel? First things first, Joe. I heard your most recent podcast and was a little disappointed to hear you say, somewhere around the 32:45 mark, that you were done with me and you had lost faith in me. Correct me if I’m wrong…Might I add that this was on trade […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #25

So, what’s new? I have been kind of busy lately trying to figure out how to solve a big problem, hence no Mailbag. But it is back for 2012 and as long as I am generally managing the Buffalo Sabres, you will get bagged.  I decided to install a wall around my property to keep […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #24

Feels like old times again. All those obnoxious hashtags, like #FireDarcy, #DoSomethingDarcy, #DarcyIsAGirlsName are beginning to crop up throughout my timeline on Twitter again. I thought we were past that stage after Terry took over. It seems that honeymoon is over and the mother-in-law has moved into the spare bedroom and is critiquing my love-making. […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #23

The losses keep piling up at home. No one is more concerned about this than…the fans. Relax.   Every game is not the damn Super Bowl. You react as if we don’t want to win. Hey, what was more exciting than the first period of the Flyers game? You have to accentuate the positive. Ville […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #22

The Boom has arrived. Over the past few years, I’ve been drafting and signing bruisers and I told you they were on their way. Well, the time has arrived. I make no apologies about what we are soon to unleash on the rest of the league. Joe Finley has been compared favorably with Paul Bunyon, […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #21

Boom! Sabres Hockey! Wednesday night’s game has spurred a new craze surrounding the team. We no longer are going to sit back and let people push us around! We are going to be the aggressor in ALL circumstances. We have to change the fundamental fabric of the team and the entire region. Say goodbye to […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #20

It has been an awful week since the last Mailbag. I knew I was tempting fate by trash talking Danny Briere in the last bag. We lost two games, lost Miller when he got assaulted by the criminal element in Boston, got bashed by our own fans as soft, got a parking ticket and now […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #19

  So, B-Tommy wants to buy the Dodgers? I hope the scouting department is prepared to do their work an hour at a time on library computers. Matt Kemp’s days are numbered.   I try to avoid controversial topics at all costs but sometimes I feel the need to say my piece. One subject has […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #18

Did you ever put a great shirt on and right before you leave the house, then realize it’s just the wrong shirt for that day? It’s still a great shirt and is appropriate for most occasions, but sometimes the freebie T from the chick at the bar is better. Well, that analogy has nothing to […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #17

I don’t want to accuse our fans of over-reaction, but building an ark yesterday because we got an inch of rain was a little much. Look, Millsy is our guy.  He brings so much more to the table for the team than Jhonas ever could.  Noreen has friends. Ryan is my guy until their inevitable […]


Ask The Fake GM Mailbag #16

  Greetings from Florida. These Mailbags are starting to feel like postcards. I get the sense I’m missing out on things back in Buffalo. Why do all the best Tweet-ups happen when I’m out of town? Why am I never a square in @ScottyMCSS’s Sabres BINGO? Why does @Degs09 hate Ryan Miller? All these questions […]