Thoughts on the blogger summit and wrestling with it


Congrats to all the bloggers who attended the Sabres summit. Of course, I share the same opinions as everyone else in saying that the meeting/summit/show was great for the blogosphere. Readers and bloggers have to understand, we are so young when it comes to building this brand of scribble. A lot of Sabres or Bills fans don’t know who the hell we are. Hell, I remember when I first started doing this two years ago, I was so oblivious to the social media. I never heard of the word blog. I just came across a Heather B. comment on Sabres Edge and noticed her name was linked to a site, and presto! I read my first blog I think.

Anyways, sometimes, I forget that a lot of fans are not aware of blogs. By having something like this, is just such great exposure. I thought everyone presented themselves well and you have to give the Sabres credit for reaching out. They have nothing to lose. I know the majority of the bloggers who attended the summit, and even though I sometimes don’t share their opinion, they deserved to be there. It was a great night to be a blogger and I’m really happy for everyone who got to go there. They weren’t just bloggers…they are fans, and that’s what makes it even sweeter-

—Now, I have a bone to pick! No, this has nothing to do with me not getting the invite (More on that later). I normally don’t get pissed off whenever someone calls out bloggers. Whether it’s how we live in our parent’s basements or can’t spell, I normally don’t care. I’ve always said, I didn’t start writing this site because I wanted to start a revolution or anything like that. I just did it because I was sick of waiting for Sully’s chats on Friday :P.

Anyways, what is ticking me off is this whole press pass thing for bloggers. Look, I don’t need a press pass and that has nothing to do with being in NYC. The majority of the posts on this site are opinion/analytical/fan pieces. What am I going to ask in the Sabres locker room that Paul Hamilton hasn’t already questioned? Probably nothing. I don’t need it. However, I’m getting tired of some people on twitter, who think the majority of bloggers are crazy fans, who can’t handle the moment and shouldn’t get passes.

What? Is Heather B. going to have her giant St. Bernard dog eat Bucky Gleason in the press box? Is Katebits going to call Ryan Miller crunchy? Is Shelby Griswold going to drug Thomas Vanek into proposing to her? Am I going to say that Tim Connolly absolutely sucks to his face?


Stop acting like bloggers are a bunch of 16-year old crazy NSYNC Fans! Hate to break the news to you, but some of us actually have day jobs in which we have to be professional. Some are teachers, some are playing instruments for the Buffalo Philharmonic, some are going back to school to get their masters, some actually brought the f#$KEN Marriage Ref to Buffalo!? We know how to handle ourselves in a professional atmosphere! I assure you, I think the thought of seeing Ryan Miller butt ass naked in the locker room, won’t be enough to have a blogger/fan go all Justin Bieber on him. Now, if the Sabres get dance girls…um, nevermind—

–BTW, if they do give out press passes to bloggers, I think it should be in the range of 2-4. The Sabres would have to interview them to make sure you are professional and understand the rules of being in a press box. No, I’m not talking about having a 10-day seminar, just a job interview. They also should see how much time a person devotes to their blog and how many hits they get. Of course, quality is important as well. Also, if the blog is a project that is meant to put food on your table, then that’s a major factor. Do I think they should go to all 41 games? No. I think they should goto maybe 10 games a season. I know the majority of bloggers don’t need to blog without player involvement, but it sure would open a lot of doors for creative posts—

—I’ve gotten some emails and tweets from other bloggers or readers who thought I should have been invited to summit. Those were very kind messages and really made my day. However, I’m probably going to sound like the following:

  • a jilted lover. (Happened in real life)
  • a person who didn’t get asked to the prom. (Also happened in real life)
  • someone who was picked after a midget in a pick-up football game. (And would have happened in real life)

In other words, it was very disappointing to not get the invite. In fact, it really hurt. I don’t open up my life too much on here when it comes to personal stuff or whatever, but I’m a very moody person. Sometimes, I’m as conceited and egocentric as anyone you can come across and at other times, I can be downright self-deprecating. If something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I start second guessing everything. That’s why the “What if?” series is so me at times. I second guess why I moved to NYC? Why I got into TV? Why I ate that? At times, I can have insecurity or overconfidence issues.

Anyways, all these emotions I have, goes into the way I blog. It’s my diary at times. Seeing everyone celebrate on twitter because they got the golden ticket made me go into self-deprecating mode. I went into a “What did I do to not get invited?” mode. I pretty much went into my passive/aggressive mode with my tweets. It bugged me. When I was watching that stream, I was so proud of everyone there. However, it felt like I was at a bar with a platonic girlfriend, who I always had a crush on and I was watching her have the time of her life with her boyfriend, and even though I was happy for her and showed it, deep down inside, I was a little upset.

I wasn’t hateful, jealous or angry about it. I was just disappointed. Maybe I didn’t get an invite because they knew I was in NYC? Maybe they never heard of me? Maybe I should break out the thesaurus once in a while? Maybe I should have hired an editor when I first started blogging? Maybe I shouldn’t have blogged about disliking the previous regime so much? I’m not trying to gain sympathy points, but I’m just telling you how I feel.

I’ve been really wrestling with how I was going to blog about this summit. Of course, it’s great for bloggers! Anyone who was invited or didn’t get the invite, blogged about the importance. Everyone gets that.

(Damn, I’m still wresting with wanting to post this blurb. What will people say? Fu#k! Will anyone even notice or read it? Do I really want to post this, when I’m trying to build the site by having 9 bloggers? Will I come across as a baby? God, I hope not. Some writers flaunt their stuff like they are the sh#t…when they aren’t. Here I am..and I sound like I have the self-esteem of a 15-year old girl. Do I really need to address this? Ugh!!!)

It’s funny, because now I feel like all the bloggers who tweet about trying to post something, but they end up wrestling with how to formulate their idea. That never happens to me. I am impulsive. Not this time.

I didn’t want to come off as a hater or being jealous. I also didn’t want to take anything away from all the the bloggers who went to the summit. No way is anyone above blogging. I know I can rub people the wrong way with my posts, but, that’s just how I feel about things. I don’t blog to fit in and I’m not going to hold back anything because of backlash. I’m honest and I go for it. Anyways, I hope this doesn’t come across as being a baby or a woe is me approach…I’m just being honest with you. Like always.

I just realized this post may be what blogging is about. There’s never a rhyme or reason for a post sometimes. It’s like improv. You just say what is on your mind. I hope this stand-up gets me some love and not a bunch of carrots or cabbage thrown my way. However, by now, I’m use to it. Oh, there I go being overconfident. Give me an hour and I’ll probably go back to being this big.

 That’s blogging. All about the mood swings. Then again, I am always evolving and so are the Sabres..and that’s a good thing. 

(Editor’s note: Well, Kevin Snow from the Sabres, messanged me on Twitter and told me that he knew I was based in NYC. So, that pretty much explains everything. I appreciate him clarifying it. Now, I feel like an idiot!)


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