Shelby Says…Column Three


After last night’s convinceable win against the Maple Leafs last night (I say convinceable because I was at work and actually didn’t watch the game at all – ha!) I think that things might be looking up in my predictions for this upcoming week for the Sabres. Let’s get started.

Sabres @ Penguins 12/17/11

– Crosby isn’t playing tonight but I’m sure at some point Brian Duff is going to bring up his concussion and it’ll be an entire discussion in the intermission – for good reason. Concussions are sprouting up everywhere in the league. It’s starting to get crazy. TOO crazy.

– Vanek had four points last night (much to my approval!) and I’d love to see him continue to torrid pace into tonight but I’m not expecting a goal. Though go ahead Thomas, I’d love one! Please!

– Brooks Orpik, or otherwise known as ‘Free Candy’ will be throwing out huge hits all night but I think Kassian will equally destroy him on the hit of the night.

– The Roy-Stafford-Ennis line will be on fire tonight.

– I say Sabres win this one by a fluke goal scored late in the third period, a score of 4-3.

Sabres @ Senators 12/20/11

– The Sabres have been awesome in Ottawa for the past few season so I do expect a win out of them in this one due to the long break in between.

– A Sabre will get a hat trick tonight just because I say so, especially if they’re honoring someone this night. (Hey Daniel Alfredsson, meet Thomas Vanek.)

– I think this will end up being a blowout game, and the Sabres will run Anderson out of the net.

– Unfortunately, Christian Ehrhoff isn’t going to fight anyone in this so there will be no angry Germans running around. Though, I wish there would be an angry Austrian running around…You know how badly I want him to get in a fight? Sick.

– A Sabre will NOT be hurt in this game. Woohoo! Goodbye, injury quota!

Sabres @ Maple Leafs 12/22/11

I’ll be at work during the game so this means a loss. Not a bad loss but a loss nonetheless. Sorry guys.

– Though since this is when the Buffalo Wins crew is meeting up, perhaps it will counter this and bring the Sabres a win. You guys better drink plenty of beers for this one.

– Tim Connolly will not be available for this game.

– Miller nearly gets hit in the head again…by the Maple Leafs ice crew. Do they even have an ice crew? I know they don’t have ice girls…Ah forget it.

– I have no others predictions for this game but I hope the boys have a very nice and safe Christmas holiday before taking on the Caps on Boxing Day.

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