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Second Take with Brad Gelber – “I think everything is better than Buffalo”

Here we go again. Another player leaves Buffalo, makes a negative comment and we launch ourselves into a tizzy. I just don’t understand. What do people think… if you play for a team you are automatically indebted to them and that city for the rest of your life? No. That’s not how it works. Just like every other aspect of our existence, people move on. So you can see why I’m a bit perplexed by this all. This isn’t the first time nor will it be a last that a guy comes to play for the Bills, or the Sabres, leaves and has less than wonderful things to say about his time here. We all need to grow a tougher skin.

The madness started on Thursday afternoon when Canes beat writer Chip Alexander tweeted out this quote without any sort of explanation, or clarification:


Turns out that would have been slightly helpful as Buffalo fans and media members alike were quick to jump the Queen City’s defense. After the shizzz hit the fan, Canes PR had to step in and circulate a link to the whole interview. Apparently Sekera was asked how he liked Raleigh so far and what he thought about the weather, which is when he responded by saying “I think everything is better than Buffalo.” Context, context, context Chip.

 I listened to it a handful of times myself and have to admit, it is rather difficult to tell if he is making a joke strictly about the weather, or taking a jab at the city in general. We’ll never know, but then again it shouldn’t matter. Even if he was joking about Buffalo, or even if he was dead serious, do we really need to rush to the cities defense every single time? Doesn’t that speak louder about our insecurities than it does about our so-called “pride” ? If Buffalo is what the folks that have coined themselves it’s imperial guardians say it is, then it’ll speak for itself.

This wasn't even the Willis McGahee situation where he talked about being thrilled to get the hell out of town while putting down the ladies of WNY in the process. This also wasn’t a hated rival coming into town and dissing our guest accommodations. No, this was an average player that few outside of Buffalo even knew about, making a wise crack after having moved on. The guy is from Bojnice, Slovakia and after doing some research (aka glancing at the Wikipedia page) he probably doesn’t have too much ground to stand on when it comes to giving out grades on places to inhabit.

I had no ill will against Sekera during his tenure with the Sabres. I thought he grew over time and developed into a reliable top-6 NHL defender. Was I crushed when he left? No. Did I lose some respect for him when I thought he was speaking about the city as a whole? Maybe? Kind of? I guess? It’s not like this was Ryan Miller or Thomas Vanek leaving and saying this. Hell, if Pominville had said it when he was traded last year perhaps I would have been a bit peeved seeing as he was the Captain of the ship, but it was Andrej freaking Sekera.

Who. Cares.

Think about it in terms of absolutely anything else. You date someone for a good amount of time. You get to know them, but realize over time they probably aren’t “the one.” They’re nice and all, but the spark fades and one day you split up. You both move on rather quickly, because let’s face it they weren’t head over heels for you either and they’re asked by a new friend how the new significant other is versus you. In a million years would your ever expect them to say they miss you and liked you WAY MORE than their newfound beau? Survey says NO.

So why do we do it with sports? Carolina is Reggie’s new team and he’s going to, at least for now, love it there whether the weather is freaking sunshine and lollipops or negative 30. I have a sneaking suspicion if we went to play in Winnipeg for the Jets he’d have found another aspect of the city to say he loves way more than Buffalo too.

Would I enjoy if Steve Ott, or Pat Kaleta gave him a parting gift when the Sabres play the Canes this season? Of course, but I’m that way about playing any ex-Sabre/Bill. The truth is I don’t plan on losing much sleep over Sekera’s comments and I would invite you to do the same. Best of luck in Raleigh Reggie, because hurricanes are totally more fun than snow and it’s not like you’ll EVER see anyone from Buffalo there.

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