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Q&A Friday continues…We got John Butchko again from the SB Nations's Jets site Gang Green Nation to dish the dirt on Eric Mangini's three years in NY. Enjoy, share and tell a friend.
1) What type of defense did Mangini run with the Jets?

It was an old school two gapping 3-4 defense. You don't see that in the NFL at all these days.

2) Was it similar to say what Pettine ran?

Pettine's defense was much more multiple and adaptable. Pettine also runs what is nominally a 3-4 base, but he mixes up looks and blitzes and tends to change his philosophy depending on the players he has. Mangini would run his defense regardless of personnel or opponent for the most part.
3) If you were the opposing offensive coordinator during his years as coach, how would you attack his defense?

It was a pretty vanilla defense so I think it's more about executing than schematic.
4) What type of players does Mangini need to make his defense work?

You need big linemen to eat up blockers and keep linebackers clean. You also need a very dynamic edge rusher since the linemen tend to be space eaters.
5) Overall, how did you feel about his run in NY?
I wasn't a fan. He seemed obsessed with copying Bill Belichick's mannerisms rather than building his own team. He installed New England's defense even though his personnel wasn't suited to run it. The defense he ran was becoming outdated by NFL standards. The players didn't respond to him either. Darrelle Revis made a comment that came out in the book Collision Low Crossers that Mangini made him hate football.
The most damning thing I can say about Mangini is that his defensive coordinator with the Jets, Bob Sutton, became Kansas City's defensive coordinator this year. The defense I saw Kansas City run looked little schematically like the one Mangini had him run. His Chiefs defense was also a lot more effective.
6) Do you think he'd make a good defensive coordinator for the Bills?

I think Mangini got some big jobs like head coach of the Jets when he was too young and inexperienced. He hadn't had a chance to really think about his own philosophy so he just produced a third rate knock off of what New England did. I think after having experienced failure and having some time to reassess what went wrong it is possible he will be better.
With that said, I'm not sure I'd be thrilled with Mangini if I was a Bills fan.
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