It’s Preseason people!

Well that Bills game was a lot of fun! geeshok repeat after me, preseason is a shame! the playbooks are vanilla. Think about it. The Bills offense looked great versus a superior defense (The Bears) and then all of a sudden tank against the Packers. It’s because preseason is all about getting the clinks out and trying new things. That’s why I have always said you can’t believe what you see in preseason. Good or Bad. The Colts and Pats have been notorious for being bad in preseason. Last year the Lions went perfect in the preseason, only to lose every single game! Look for the Bills to open up the playbook the next game so they can cast all the doubters to relax and come back from the ledge. 
Listen to WGR today was an eye opening experience. They keep acting as if the season was over and the end of the world was upon us. Again, If you want to make the case the Bills are going to be garbage this year, fine. But don’t make that assessment after watching a bad quarter of football. Jeremy White is going off the deep end, saying the Bills need to leave their starters in the rest of the preseason. Seriously? It’s preseason! The Bills in my opinion will only go as far as their defensive line and running game will take them, and I didn’t need preseason to come to that decision. 

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