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Alright, I wasn’t going to post anything regarding this game, but like a hack reality TV Producer (Which I am), I love drama. Milian Lucic is a piece of garbage. Yes, we all knew that before tonight. However, his hit on Miller brought him to a new low. Anyways, I’m ticked off right now, so, consider this post a drunk dial if you will.

  • When your play-by-play guy says that the Sabres should take a run at Lucic after the hit, then you know someone needs to go down. That was a chicken S4#t hit. At first, I wasn’t too “We need to kick his ass now.” Honestly, I kind of pu##ied out a bit because this is 2011 in the NHL, not 1980. But as the score got out of control and Miller was out, I got angrier. “Don’t go after our fu@#en 1B goalie?!”
  • The Sabres response to the hit was pitiful. I’m not asking for #26 and #29 to drop their gloves like Ray and Boulton. Fine. They can’t fight. But on the very next shift, Lindy should have pulled what he did during the Drury Sens/Sabres game. Get your goons on the ice. I don’t care if Kaleta is coming off a suspension. What’s the point of him being on the team anyways besides him being a pest and a fighter? BTW, in that Sens/Sabres game, Drew Stafford, of all people, went after Neal right when the hit happened. Alright, so we thought Drury was dead, but you get the point.
  • What annoyed me most was that this game was out of hand by the 3rd period. Why didn’t the Sabres just mug the crap out of any of the Bruins players? Isn’t this what they use to do during the 70’s? “Hey, the game is out of hand. Let’s just kill the other guys.” Didn’t they want to get even? Their goalie was probably in the locker room with a Bobby Heenan type neck brace. Alright, not that, but they had to know that something should have gone down with Miller pulled.
  • “We wouldn’t accept anything like that. We would have [taken] care of business. But we’re a different team than they are.” That’s from Lucic. Alright, those are fighting words. Milian just told the Sabres that they are wimps. That isn’t just bulletin board material, this is “let us goto Kinkos, blow this quote up to 725 font, and then hang it over the fireplace in the Sabres locker room.”
  • BTW, not to be a trouble maker, but it kind of crossed my mind that maybe the Sabres pulled Miller in order to embellish the hit he got. That way, #17 would get more attention from the NHL disciplinary office. If you want to get #17 suspended, doesn’t it sound a lot better for #30 to get injured after being run over? I think so. I mean, Miller did play the next 30 minutes after the hit.  Hmm, maybe the Sabres and Miller will pull what that guy in the Brady Bunch did, when Mr. Duggan faked an injury after Carol Brady hit his car. Photo and court room scene below:
  • There is a silver lining, folks. The Sabres know they didn’t respond well, just ask Goose: “No, no it wasn’t. I can do more. I’m embarrassed that we didn’t respond the way we should have. It falls on myself. I look at myself first, and I wasn’t good enough. We didn’t push back. There’s no reason to be scared. We had to go after it, and we didn’t.” This is good. Last time Miller got hit (Scott Gomez with the Rangerss in 2009), the Sabres didn’t do anything about it. Not only during that game but in the rematch. And this hit was much more blatant. Anyways, I think the team will respond when they meet up again the night before Thanksgiving. Vince McMahon couldn’t promote this game fight any better. 
  • Bonus reason: BTW, even if the Sabres did retaliate, they still would have been blown out. That defense was a disgrace tonight. I’m not really buying the whole game changed after the hit, because the Sabres blue line is what changed the game. Boston didn’t play that great. It was all about the whole blueline being terrible. Yes, they came off a nice performance against Ottawa, but this is a trend we have seen too often this year. Even still, if you go by the “Code”, they should have run someone. You can’t go after star players like that.

Editor’s note: Game quotes were from Sabres Edge.


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