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One Fan(n)’s Opinion: Bills – Chiefs Recap and Tweet-Bag + Bonus CREED Coverage I’ve seen this game before. Whether it was last year’s Chiefs game…or the year before…or losing to Oakland last year after beating Green Bay. You pick a year and it’s happened. It’s put up or shut up time and the Bills shut up, shut down and find new and exciting ways to embarrass themselves. […]


My Bills/Chiefs recap: stats, commentary and 1-2 swear words

I’ve written this story too many times since launching this site… The Bills being in the “In the Hunt” graphic by the skin of their teeth when the calendar turns to December and the Bills losing a game that they seemed to have complete control over.  Its Deja Vu X 15. Nothing changes it seems […]

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 23:  Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Buffalo Bills is injured during the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on November 23, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

My Bills/Patriots recap

If you want to beat the New England Patriots, you have to play close to a perfect game. Tonight may have been the best game the Bills played against New England since they beat them in 2011, but it wasn’t close to perfect and that’s why they lost. You can make a major mistake or […]

NASHVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 11: Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Buffalo Bills tiptoes along the sideline on a 22-yard touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans in the third quarter at Nissan Stadium on October 11, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Bills defeated the Titans 14-13. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce: Comparing Tyrod’s Seven Starts Historically As we enter the “home stretch” of Pats week, we’re almost at the half-way point for Tyrod in starts. Because of injury (and technically the over-creativity of his offensive coordinator) Tyrod is at 6 official starts; however, for our purposes I’m going to count the Indy game as a start. With a minimum of […]


Hating and being owned by the Pats by @mack10zie

I will always consider the Dolphins the Bills biggest rival, mostly because I grew up during the Kelly-Marino days.  I think if you ask most fans today what team they want to beat the most, almost unanimously, they would say the Pats.  I think there are several reasons for this, but most of all it […]


Hide your kids: The 10 most horrific plays from Pats/Bills

Its easy to come up with the worst games during the Pats/Bills rivalry over the last 15 years. Hell, I think bouffant Sully has put a list together like 10 times over the years. However, its any easy list to compile because there are just so many bad games to choose from. However, to put […]

Oct 8, 2015; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (15) celebrates after scoring his first NHL goal during the third period against the Ottawa Senators at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Youth Movement in Buffalo by @BradleyGelber

Similar to how the city of Buffalo is undergoing a renaissance, so to are its sports teams. The Sabres are 6-2-1 in their last 9 games, while the Bills have won two in a row and stand at 5-4 in the thick of the playoff race. There are a lot of reasons why both teams […]


My recap for Bills/Jets: 1 swear word, commentary and stats

We can all retell #becauseitsbuffalo games with the Bills. I’m not going to bore you with the laundry list, but if there’s been one good thing about those games, its that I never saw them in person. Last night’s game almost became the 1st one for me. I ventured to  MetLife stadium and sat in […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce: Bills 22, Jets 17 Recap and Tweet Bag Welcome to the Rex Ryan Prime Time(tm) experience. It wasn’t pretty, but the Buffalo Bills walk out of MetLife Stadium with a well-earned ‘W’ in a less-than-perfect situation. Playing with three days’ rest has not given fans much to watch on Thursdays, but to complain about the aesthetics of a win – particularly one […]


My review of the Subplots for Jets/Bills

The Jets/Bills game on Thursday night has more subplots than a season of Game of Thrones. These are obvious angles for anyone with access to a blog, talk show, or newspaper who can easily script up drama about this match-up. The story arcs can consist of achieving revenge against someone who dumped you or showing how […]