The Jekyll and Hyde Buffalo Bills @BradleyGelber

Four weeks into the season and I have no idea what to think of this Buffalo Bills team. We’ve seen two very different teams show up two times each. Just when we think things are smooth sailing, the team implodes and we are back at square one. It’s hard to believe, but it’s next to […]


Stats, commentary and swear words- My Recap: Bills lose to the Giants, 24-10

Underrating the Giants and overrating the Bills. That’s exactly what came out of today’s game. I came in thinking the Bills would beat the Giants even without McCoy/Watkins. After today’s game, WTF was I thinking? This is what happens with the Bills. They show you a glimmer of hope with dominating the Dolphins…then we start […]

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 13:   Tyrod Taylor #5 of the Buffalo Bills scrambles outside the pocket as Darius Butler #20 of the Indianapolis Colts defends during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 13, 2015 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Have fun with Tyrod..but be levelheaded about it

One by one, a number of different NFL fans are walking up to my work station and instead of asking a question, they are making statement: That Tyrod Taylor looks fricken legit I couldn’t help but smile and say “Holy shit! I didn’t think we’d be getting that just a month ago!” 8 TDs for […]


My recap: Bills beat Miami, 41-14

Squish the fish? More like extinct the fish. From head to toe, you couldn’t find a better all around game for the Bills. They fucking kicked Miami’s asses. I mean, there’s nothing really bad to say about the Bills unless you are one of the jackoffs harping on Matt Cassel getting traded or obsessing about […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce: Ready Rogue One Hey, we’re back! Not just this article, mind you, but the conversation regarding Doug Whaley “going rogue” and doing something the rest of the organization were privy to. In this case, that was trading Matt Cassel (and a 2017 seventh round pick) to Dallas for a 5th rounder in 2017 in return. The backup […]

Rexing Ball

Spinning the narrative of Rex Ryan’s bravado

As a blogger, often times when you decide to write on a subject matter, you can see the narrative forming even before the story actually takes place. Marcell Dareus gets in trouble and now if he says he’s not happy with his contract, we go back to his trouble with the law and say what […]


Bills fail to talk the talk and walk the walk by @BradleyGelber

Ask any Jets fans and they’ll tell you the knock on Rex has always been showing up in football games. He does/says everything right in the offseason, but when it comes time to actually play football games… he falls short. Part of what makes him so likable is that his players really, genuinely enjoy playing […]

Tecmo Week 16 Buf Champs

Predictions for Bills/Pats by @lukewachob @manecci @RDotDeuce @BLeez17 and a cast of 1000s

Mike Migliore (@mmigliore) Record: 1-0- My senior year at Williamsville North High School began in September 2003, the same month the Bills pasted the Patriots in the 2003 season opener, 31-0. That would be Gregg Williams, Drew Bledsoe, Travis Henry, Sam Adams, Lawyer Milloy and Takeo Spikes stomping on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Fast […]


These Bills Feel Different by @BradleyGelber

What a fun game. The Bills dominated the Colts in almost every aspect and now find themselves 1-0. Suddenly the rest of the NFL is on notice that this team is here to play. Tyrod balled out. The Defense looked unstoppable at times even without Dareus. The new guys (Harvin & McCoy) both had big […]