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Hey guys! This is Brandon checking in with Bills updates here at Buffalo Wins.

I just got home from work, what’d I miss? Apparently a lot. It’s 17-0 Bills with 6:29 left in the 2nd quarter as Ryan Lindell just nailed a 29 yard FG as I walked in the door.

I’ll be providing live updates right here throughout the remainder of the game, so keep it locked to this page if you can’t watch the game.

2nd Quarter:

6:29 – Jamaal Charles coughs up a fumble and the Bills recover after a short review.

5:44 – Bills are now threatening inside the 30 yard line.

5:38 – Ryan Lindell just hit his second field goal of the game from 38 yards out. Bills lead 20-0.

4:33 – Matt Cassel and the Chiefs putting together a decent drive thus far. Lining up in no-huddle.

3:49 – Dexter McCluster just bursts down the sidlines for a 23-yard gain.

2:47 – Jamaal Charles with a nice run for a first down. Gain of 14 yards, terrible missed tackles for the Bills.

2:08 – Cassel hits Steve Breaston for another first down. Matt Cassel seems to finally be settling in.

2:00 – Two-minute warning. Chiefs threatning inside the red-zone.

1:46 – TOUCHDOWN -Matt Cassel connects with Jamaal Charles for a 6-yard TD pass. Bills lead Chiefs 20-7.

The Chiefs have had trouble running up the middle against the Bills so far, but have found plenty of running lanes on the outside. Bills LB’s are slacking in that regard.

1:37 – Bills begin their drive with a 5-yard false start penalty. Ball on their own 10.

:36 – Freddy Jackson picks up the first-down on a 2-yard run.

:00 – The Bills and Chiefs head into halftime with the Bills leading 20-7.


Ryan Fitzpatrick is 8/15 for 125 yards and 2 TD tosses in the first half.

Scott Chandler is the leading reciever so far with 3 catches for 36 yards and a TD.

Freddy Jackson also looking good. 10 carries for 44 yards, still no TD’s for Freddy, though.

The Bills D has two fumble recoveries and turned each into points. Also have been able to contain Jamaal Charles to this point. That will need to continue for the Bills to win.

All-in-all, the Bills are looking good to start the season. Who would’ve thunk it.

3rd Quarter:

15:00 – Second half is underway as the Chiefs kick off. Touchback. This new kickoff rule really sucks. Bills offense takes the field.

14:38 – Nice little play action fake, pass complete to David Nelson for a first down.

13:59 – Freddy Jackson with a nice run. Another Bills first down.

12:12 – Fitzpatrick sacked on third down by Tamba Hali. To recap: Hali is a beast. Beat the double-team to get to Fitz for his first sack of the year.

11:42 – Moorman punts into the end zone. Chiefs will start at their own 20.

11:39 – Cassel chased out of the pocket but still completes the pass to Leonard Pope for a first down.

10:55 – George Wilson with a nice little pass block. Got right up in Cassel’s face.

10:20 – Dwayne Bowe drops a wide open pass on third down. Chiefs’ punt is fair-caught by Parrish at the Bills 41.

10:11 – Bills beging drive as Freddy Jackson finds a hole for a gain of 24 yards. Jackson now has rushed for 81 yards on the day.

8:52 – Third down coming up as Spiller is stuffed up the middle.

8:11 – Brad Smith takes the snap out of the wildcat and picks up the first down for a 4-yard gain.

7:22 – Fitz completes another pass to Chandler for a first down. 16 yards. First and goal for the Bills.

6:34 – Freddy Jackson gets the Bills down to the 2. Knocking on the door.

5:53 – Jackson stuffed on 2nd down run. Bills O-line had no push on that play. Third and goal.

5:12 – Rhinehart takes a false-start penatly inside the 2. Terrible time for the mistake. 3rd and goal at the 6 now.

4:42 – Ouch. Fitz takes a delay of game penalty. Bills are blowing this opportunity. 3rd and goal at the 11 now.

4:19 – TOUCHDOWN – Nevermind. Scott Chandler catches his second touchdown of the game as Fitz finds him wide open in the endzone on third down. Bills take a 27-7 lead.

Chandler now with 5 catches, 63 yards and 2 TD’s. Career day for him. Fitzpatrick has thrown for 3 TD’s today. Chiefs defense is missing tackles and assignments left and right.

4:10 – Chiefs start this drive at their own 25-yard line.

3:18 – Matt Cassel looks deep to Dwayne Bowe on third down. Overshoots him big time. Bills force a three-and-out. Things are looking very good for the Bills right now.

3:04 – Roscoe Parrish follows up the D’s three-and-out with a very nice 28-yard punt return. Bills start with good field position yet again at the 32.

2:51 – Fitz completes a pass to Stevie Johnson for a first down. Now on the Chiefs’ 21-yard line.

1:46 – Fitz takes a shot at Donald Jones in the endzone but overshoots him just slightly. Third down coming up for the Bills.

1:36 – Wow. Fitz hits a WIDE OPEN Stevie Johnson on third-down. I’d like to stress the wide open part. First and goal Bills.

:45 – TOUCHDOWN – Fourth TD pass for Ryan Fitzpatrick as he hits Donald Jones with a perfect pass in the back of the endzone. Ties a career high for Fitz. Bills now lead 34-7.

:13 – Chiefs take the kickoff back to their own 30-yard line. Third quarter about to wrap up.

:00 – The Bills take a 34-7 lead into the fourth quarter. Wow. That joins the list of most unlikely things I had planned to say this weekend.

Fourth Quarter:

15:00 – 4th and 4 here for the Chiefs. Draw Dareus offsides. Welcome to the NFL, Marcell. Patience is a virtue. First down Chiefs.

14:01 – INTERCEPTION – Man, this one just keeps getting better and better. Matt Cassel with a terrible throw as Drayton Florence reads it perfect and makes the pick. Returns the INT to the Chiefs 28. Starting with great field position yet again.

13:13 – Freddy Jackson with a nice 11-yard run for a first down. More missed tackles for the Chiefs D.

112 rushing yards now for Jackson. Get the man a TD.

12:15 – TOUCHDOWN – C.J. Spiller takes the run to the outside and scores from 9 yards out. Really nice burst of speed. The onslaught continues, Bills lead 41-7.

11:43 – McCluster stuffed on the ensuing kickoff return. Chiefs start at own 11.

10:57 – Cassel hits McCluster for a first down.

9:30 – Bills force another punt. Will begin their next drive at their own 26. Chiefs offense can’t get anything going. Crowd gave up on this team after halftime and team is resembling the same here in the 4th.

9:30 – Bring on the reserves! Tyler Thigpen and Johnny White now in at starting QB and RB. Take a rest Fitz and Freddy, you deserve it.

That should do it for the excitement in this game. Bills numbers are slightly skewed by Chiefs countless number of mistakes today. Were handed good field position all game long. Props to the Bills for being able to convert all three turnovers into scores. A job well done as Arrowhead empties out almost entirely. with 6:36 remaining.

6:30 – Bills punt it out of the back of the endzone, Chiefs take over at their own 20.

5:51 – Chiefs are calling it a day as well. Dexter McCluster in at RB although Cassel is still in at QB.

5:30 – Bills D forces their 6th punt of the day, will begin next drive on their own 33, which should eat up the remainder of the clock.

BREAKING NEWS – Jerry Sullivan backs off his stance on the Bills. Says he “may have uner-estimated this team. I may have as well, but remember, it is still just the first game of the season. Last time the Bills put up 40 in an opener was 1992 vs the Rams. It’s been a while.

4:32 – INTERCEPTION – Tyler Thigpen took a shot deep, pass is picked off by the Chiefs.

3:20 – Another Chiefs punt. Just run the ball and end the game already. Bills take over at their own 29.

1:54 – Bills take over and begin work on the clock. It’s time to head home, boys.

:52 – As the Bills punt the ball away one last time, here are your major box score stats for the game:

Ryan Fitzpatrick 17/26 208 yards 4TD

Freddy Jackson 20 carries 112 yards

Scott Chandler 5 rec 63 yards 2 TD

Stevie Johnson 4 rec 66 yards 1 TD

:00 – Thta’s all, folks. The Bills win! Theeeeeeeeeee Bills WIN!

Today marks the worst home-opener loss in KC’s franchise history.

What a win for the Bills. Huge confidence booster. Fitz flips the bird to the national media who ranked him BEHIND Matt Cassel and virtually every other QB in NFL. So far, he’s thrown for more TDs than anyone this week.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and reading along with us here at Buffalo Wins today. I hope to see you all this time next week as the Bills host the Raiders.

I’m Brandon Schlager, and I’m signing off. Until Next week.