Tom Brady hates our hotels…so?


This will be short and sweet.

In case you missed, Tom Brady had this gem to say about the hotels in Buffalo, NY:

“Even when I started my pro career, he (His Dad) traveled to Buffalo. I don’t know if you guys have ever been to the hotels in Buffalo — they’re not the nicest in the world — but he would travel to those.”

Oh, the horror. Oh, the who the hell cares?!!


Yes, it should go without saying that the city has a inferiority complex. At times we act like the chick who doesn’t get asked to dance at prom, who will just pout in the corner. However, what doesn’t help is that some in the press corp. have taken on this Napoleon like stance whenever someone says something remotely negative about the city. I’m all for news organizations holding people accountable, but I don’t need them to be my bodyguard for something as stupid as a throwaway comment in regards to a player’s dad traveling to watch his son play. It’s offensive to readers in both its lack of accuracy and newsworthiness.

Here’s what is happening in news rooms across the (716):

  • Rah! Let us go and comment from the Buffalo/Niagara visitors bureau.
  • RAH!! Let us have a live shot outside of a Motel 8 and question their housekeepers about the mints they put under pillows. 
  • Rah!!!!! Let us have WGRZ tweet to Rob Gronkowski the story that Brady hates it here.
  • Rahh!!? Let us interview some trashy guy who solicited prostitution at the Blue Dolphin Inn on the Blvd and ask about his wonderful memories at a Buffalo hotel.

It’s a crock. Shut up with your yellow journalism. I can’t believe this crap makes the front web page for all the local news organizations in the B-lo. Sh#t, I’m ashamed to put this on my website.

To be honest and maybe I’ve been gone from the region too long, but I don’t think that many citizens care all that much. Sorry, but I don’t put that much stock in TBN comment sections, message boards or people who call into radio shows. I think people start caring/commenting when news organizations start getting comment from hotel owners and make a big deal about it.

It’s like being a dog in a kennel. It is all quiet as you are just humping your nearby friend or drinking out of your Marlowe personalized dog bowl. All of a sudden, some jackass (News Outlets) comes over with a 12 ounce steak and are teasing you with it. You just start going nuts. If the steak was across the dog pound, you’d stare, but you’d keep on humping away. It’s the stupid friends from high school who are begging you to fight someone when you don’t want to. After a minute, you have no choice but to have an opinion about it.

I’m here to tell you that silence is mother F’N golden.

I’m not going for the meat or listening to cronies anymore. I’m not Tweeting that everyone is an idiot who hates that Tom Brady dissed our fine hotels. The next time someone disses our downtown area, I will not Tweet or write about it. I will not Tweet that Buffalonians need to get over their inferiority complex. I will not Tweet when the media eggs me on to give a crap. I’m on strike because this post would probably be written again if I keep listening. I’m sick of it and I’m over it.

I will just play Billy Idol’s- Dancing with Myself whenever a Leafs player hates our chicken wings.

I suggest you do the same because the media are going to keep making a big deal about these stories if we don’t. The fact that Tom Brady may have to come out and apologize to Jerry Sullivan about his comments are embarrassing enough. I mean, haven’t we suffered enough during past Super Bowl weeks?

On a sidenote, if the hotels stink, instead of bitching about Tom Brady, go and fix them.


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