Jerry Jones and ESPN Viewers suck

I'm normally the first person to say as Buffalo fans, we shouldn't throw stones at any other team because, well, we kind of suck at sports. But last week, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off at how badly the Dallas Cowboys looked when it came to figuring out who was going to call the offensive plays.

Bill Callahan? Really? The guy who hasn't called offensive plays in the NFL in 10 years and was accused of throwing the Super Bowl?

It was classic Jerry Jones for not only being arrogant and stupid, but trying to be a media whore in stretching out the controversy for the love of getting attention on crash TV (ESPN).

And that's where the ridicule lies.

I hate Jerry Jones. Not just because of the Super Bowl losses, but because he represents the epitome of greed in the NFL. He's one of the main orchestrators for luxury boxes, PSLs and 20 dollar beers at most NFL Stadiums. Goodbye casual fans and hello CEOs

Plus, he's incompetent when it comes to football decisions. The only time the franchise was ever good was when Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells built his teams.

Yes, for being a Bills fan, misery does love company in this case, but I savor the felling of Jerry Jones being such a miserable GM/President.


Look, I've never had a large opinion about Tim Tebow sucking or being a legend. I think I'm a bit too into the Buffalo sports bubble to care about him. I'm a local guy through and through. I never cared about Tebow in college football, mostly due to me not caring about the collegiate game. I wasn't mesmerized by his 8-8 year in Denver as it seemed kind of trivial because a season like that seems to happen constantly in the NFL.

Frankly, if you just take away all the noise from ESPN, I'd say that giving a QB less than 16 games worth of starts is not doing your due diligence in figuring out if he can play QB or not.

To me, his on the field exploits aren't what ruined his career, instead, it was the ESPN machine. The 88 mentions of Tim Tebow on a certain day or the classic reaction to the reaction on Twitter, makes me, and probably other coaches, want to gargle Drano at the thought of him coming to a city near you.

But this shouldn't be news to you. Everyone and their mother has posted something on Twitter or on other media platforms about the boner jam ESPN has for the guy.

But let's be honest here, ESPN isn't filled with fucken morons. This is a business and they didn't make tons of money by being stupid and not knowing their demographic.

They have money. LOTS OF IT! And what makes them money? Ratings. Ratings lead to advertising dollars which leads to fat cats living the dream. The money also goes into focus groups and ratings charts that decipher what viewers not only want to watch, but are watching…and that's where you can probably stop yelling at ESPN.

Yell at yourselves for watching it or talking about it on Twitter. TV folks have always been about attention and how all publicity is good publicity. 

If ESPN didn't get a spike in ratings when Tebow's name is uttered on TV, they'd be talking hockey or other topics that we wish they'd pay more attention to. Money is the name of the game when it comes to TV. It is not personal for ESPN or about appeasing Skip Bayless' ego or trying to fill air time. It is about getting people to tune in. People are watching which leads to ratings and then to cash.

So, why do people tune in?

Just watch the scene from Howard Stern's Private Parts movie where the focus group guru told Pig vomit that viewers who hate Stern listen longer than those who love him because they just want to see what he'll say next.

And that's pretty much goes into Skip Bayless. Bayless is the Howard Stern of that network and Tebow is the hot lesbian Stern has had on his show in the past. Together, it becomes a ratings bonanza.

While you'd think most of us would change the channel by now, judging by the non-stop coverage of Tebow to the Pats, none of us have and that's where the blame lies. 

In metaphoric sense, you can't blame the bartender for giving drinks to an alcoholic if the drunk is going to the bar daily.


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