Staff Predictions: Bills vs. Redskins

Matthew: 24-17, Bills. A hugely important game this week against the Redskins to keep the wild-card spot and fend off the Jets for another week. If the Bills don’t get a W this week there will be lots of talk about 2008 again. The game is set up perfectly for a victory: the Redskins are a mediocre team who don’t really scare you on either side of the ball. If the Bills don’t beat Washington, they’re in trouble.

Joe: 20-13, Bills. I think this will be a closer game than some might think. Why? Besides the home opener, all of the Bills games have been decided by 7 points or fewer. I just don’t see them blowing out bad teams. I don’t think the skins are bad, I just think of them as being average. Once again, the Bills are taking on a team that knows how to rush the QB. The Redskins are tied for 2nd in the NFL for sacks and the match-up of Brian Orakpo vs. Andy Levitre scares me a bit. I think the Bills really need to focus on getting Jackson involved in the offense, in order to keep the Redskins defense honest. Defensively, I don’t know how you can really count on the Bills. 400 yards given up in 5 straight games will do that to you. OK, that may be harsh, as John Beck isn’t Mike Vick. However, if the Bills want to turn the defensive ship around, this should be the week they do it. I think the Redskins are just too banged up.

Brandon: 24-16, Bills: The Bills have no business losing this game. Santana Moss and Tim Hightower have both already been ruled out and despite looking at least somewhat competent in his game last week, John Beck is still their quarterback. At the same time, though, the Bills defense hasn’t exactly been able to shut anyone down this season, ranking 30th in the NFL in both run and pass defense. That’s pretty hard to do, even for the Bills. Still, I expect this game to pretty much turn into a walk for the Bills. I’ll be looking specifically at Marcel Dareus to pick up his game after his start to the season has been anything but we hoped from our third-overall choice as well as a few other guys to step up in the place of Merriman and Williams. Even though the Redskins’ defense has played well this year, Fitzpatrick should be able to put up some nice numbers and get this offense feeling good heading into a big game the following week against the Jets.The last time I picked the Bills to win, they lost. So I suppose anything could happen. I mean, the game is in Toronto, after all.

Shelby: 24-17, Bills. Hopefully the game won’t be as bad as some of the ones last week. How do you win a game 6-3? This sport sometimes. Any who…Even this with this technically being a “home game” for the Bills, they still need to get a gritty win as if they were playing out of town and they are. I think with a week off, Fitz has had plenty of time to think about his up/down play against the Giants and will have a huge game this week.

Mike: 34-27, Bills. I’m tempted to say that the Redskins will struggle to put up points since they’re decimated with injuries, but the Bills just can’t seem to stop anyone right now – and it doesn’t help that the Bills defense is itself losing starters at an alarming rate.  This may not matter, though – the Bills seem perfectly happy to win via high-scoring shootouts, and Washington probably isn’t good enough to prevent that.

Mark: 27-21, Bills. The defense will still struggle, but Fitz will bounce back after his rough outing vs Giants. The Redskins are not a very good team; I was surprised to see that they have 3 wins. Well, they won’t get their 4th this week. Bills get 1st win in Toronto for sure.

Rob: 33-16, Bills. Considering the multitude of injuries on the Redskins offensive side of the ball, there is definitely a strong chance that the Bills can capitalize on some match-ups. John Beck will be starting, and his inexperience will hopefully bring the Bills back to their pre-Giants form of forcing turnovers. It’s about time that the Bills win in Toronto anyways. 


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