Source: Buddy Nix to retire after 2012 NFL Draft


The Buddy Nix era will be coming to a close for the Buffalo Bills. A source close to the Bills has told that Nix is retiring after the 2012 NFL Draft. The announcement was made this past Monday to the staff at One Bills Drive.

Nix’s replacement will be Doug Whaley, which shouldn’t come as a complete shock, as Nix has been grooming him to take over the reigns once he retires. Whaley, who had spent 11 years with the Steelers as the team’s pro scouting coordinator, has been with the Bills since February of 2010 and had his role in the Bills organization increased this past season.

So we are clear, the move has nothing to do with this past season’s downward spiral and has been set in motion for quite sometime. The source doesn’t see any other management changes taking place as the organization is fully behind the current regime.

Nix will still be in charge of the Bills 2012 NFL Draft.

Commentary: I do wonder if Gailey will have a shorter leash next year with Whaley in charge. Remeber, Nix brought in Gailey (January 2010) before he hired Whaley. So, in essence, Gailey isn’t really Whaley’s choice. You always hear when a new GM takes over, he wants to bring in his own people.

Of course, we know that the Bills continue to run a committee type of organization with Mr. Wilson and others, so, the decision may not be Whaley’s to begin with.

Also, this does feel a little like the Levy change of power to Russ Brandon in 2008. Levy, of course, was the GM for the Bills for two seasons (2006 and 2007) and retired at the conclusion of the 2007 season. Of course, the difference is that Nix did change some of the front office management (IE: New scouts, firing Modrak/John Guy, and hiring Whaley), while Levy continued to employ the same people Donahoe had in place.

Also, I have more confidence in Whaley as the GM than Brandon, whose experience was mostly in marketing.


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