Recap: Bills lose to Cleveland, 37-24

Someone channel Terry Pegula's quote of "Injuries are a fact of life!" or something like that. I can't really fault the way the Bills played tonight…Alright, I can fault Aaron Williams for looking like Aaron Williams from 2012 or Justin Rogers against the Jets.

I can also fault how the Bills backup QB plan of cutting T. Jackson, keeping a guy who had a history of concussions and sucking, only to top that by having an undrafted guy be the backup was a fricken joke.

I can also fault how punt coverage was a disaster and brought back memories of Ronnie Jones and Rick Tuten.

But that's it.

The Bills had two banged up RBs who really gave it their all out there, a front four that was all over the Browns QBs, the legend of Kiko reaching Legend of Zelda sequel status, and had to deal with EJ/SJ getting hurt. That's the big loss right there. The Bills seemed to have control of this game and then EJ Manuel went down. Boom. Here's how the final 6 drives went with Jeff Tuel out there:


05:35 3 00:43 BUF 20 3 2 Punt
02:54 3 00:51 BUF 11 3 -7 Punt
12:31 4 01:16 BUF 19 3 9 Punt
08:45 4 01:45 BUF 7 5 14 Punt
02:19 4 00:35 BUF 20 4 20 Intercepted Pass
01:44 4 01:35 BUF 20 9 38


Fuck Tuel time.

The last drive was pretty much garbage time because the Browns were up 2 scores, but before the potential go ahead drive where Tuel threw the pick 6, the Bills ran 14 plays for 18 yards. Maybe I'm a homer, but I think the Bills win this game if EJ and Stevie don't go down. Then again, you can say the same about the Browns after Weeden went in. But that's the thing…Weeden is better than Jeff fricken Tuel and that's when you go back to how the backup plan kind of sucked.

Now the rest…

—You have to love what the Bills rushing attack has been doing. The Browns were ranked 1st in rush defense in terms of YPC entering this game at 2.9 yards a carry. The Bills got 155 yards on 31 carries with 2RBs who were banged up. What I like most is that the Bills mixed up their run formations. I love the spread and think you can run out of it, but you can't fall in love with it, especially if you have a rookie QB who doesn't install a lot of fear into the passing defense to keep them honest. The Bills had the FB and 2TEs going at times and have really found a love for old smash mouth football. The Bills aren't going anywhere without their running game.

—I thought EJ looked pretty shaky throughout. He made some nice throws to Robert Woods, but 11 of 20? Eh. Now, I still think he would have made way more plays than Jeff Tuel. EJ played better out of the shoot for the 2nd half, but he still has to be better. Of course, losing Stevie probably didn't help. But tonight is just another example that this guy isn't God yet, but a rookie who is going to have growing pains. Also, EJ has to learn how to slide and needs to know where the yard sticks are when he's running in the open field. Love the moxie for putting your body on the line, but no need for the extra 3 yards when defenders are gunning to take shots at you.

—WHAT THE FUCK IS TAUNTING?! Seriously, a guy can fucken decapitate TJ Graham and stand over his grave in salute, but Fred Jackson can't do whatever the hell he did in the end zone? (NFL Network's shitty announcers didn't elaborate) BS. You wanna be the no fun league? Fine. I hate it. But have some fricken consistency or bring out a rule book.

—I miss Brian Moorman. Shawn Powell has looked terrible this year. He either shanks punts or he line drives it so his cover guys can't get down the field fast enough. Also, if I were GOP member, I'd compare our coverage to Obamacare. Bad joke.

—A Lot was made about how the Bills had the Browns on the ropes in the 1st quarter after going up 10-0. I don't exactly think that. By the end of the 1st quarter, the Browns had 15 fewer yards than the Bills. Factor on the Gordon drop on the first series, in which he'd still be running, and the quarter was much more even than the score indicated. If anything, the Bills lost this game in the 2nd quarter when they had 16 plays for 42 yards and were outscored 17-0. They played worse than the Browns did in the 1st quarter.

—Just hand over the defensive rookie of the year, a 7-year extension, and all the booze in Buffalo to Kiko Alonso. That guy was all over the damn place. Now, tackles to me can be an overrated stat. I mean, Poz used to get 100s of tackles, but they all came like 5 yards down the field. Not Kiko.

2, 3, -4, 1, no gain, 3, 2, -1, -4, 3.

Those were the yards gained or lost when Kiko Alonso was in on a tackle tonight. Amazing. That's going to be like the greatest Profootball focus performance for a LB in Bills history. Thank God he was a drunk in college so he could fall to us in the draft.

—I still have zero idea what to make of Aaron Williams. One minute..He's a great safety..The next..He can play CB…The next..HOLY CRAP! He's a tire fire and he has bad hips so can't turn in coverage or something. Whatever. He may just be a bad player or a guy who is still too young. Actually, I'll go with probably a crappy player. I don't know, but he was awful tonight. Williams gave up 135 yards (65% of the Browns passing offense) through the air to go along with a stupid 15-yard penalty. Get back soon Stephon.

—Don't look now, but Mario Williams has 7.5 sacks on the season and is only 3 away from last year's total. He now has 13.5 sacks in his last 12 games dating back to last year. But Jerry Sullivan will find something wrong with it. ALL HE DOES IS SACK BACKUP QBs AND QUOTABLE GUYS LIKE CHRIS KELSAY AND KYLE WILLIAMS DO THE DIRTY WORK SO HE CAN GET A MINI-FRIDGE IN HIS LOCKER!

–Well, I'll be damned..But the Bills are currently tied for the league lead in sacks with 18.

Final word: Get healthy EJ, Byrd, Gilmore, Stevie, CJ, and Fred. Did I miss anyone? Honestly, I feel decent about this team. Not playoffs decent, but I see talent here. I do think injuries really derailed the team tonight and the lack of depth is really showing. However, they've been in every game this year and the front 7 and the running game has been great this year. Robert Woods has looked good and EJ has had his moments. Hey..They are rebuilding and if the young kids are progressing that's all the progress I need…for now.


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