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Notable Players cut

One thing should be made cleared about cutting down to a 53-man roster, which some fans/media have never seemed to put into place: It is all about finding special team players. Just because Bell and Simpson played well in mop-up duty against guys that will be playing in the CFL and UFL, doesn’t mean anything. Especially, if they can’t make a tackle on specials teams.

1) Levi BrownLike I’ve said all along, I didn’t like his chances of making this team. He’s just not ready to be an NFL QB yet, and it only makes sense to try and sneak the guy on the practice squad. Frankly, even if the Bills don’t find him a home, I wouldn’t be that disappointed. He just didn’t have a solid preseason and he’s a 7th round draft choice. Sorry, but not everyone can be the next Tom Brady. Plus, Brian Brohm played better than he did. I’ll say this though, I’ll miss his tweets.

2) Chad Simpson and Joique Bell– I kind of touched on these guys earlier, but you just don’t need four running backs on this roster. We have three capable running backs that can start for at least half of the NFL teams. Unfortuntely,  running backs don’t normally make the transition to play special teams. If you think about it, it makes sense. Running backs tend to be smaller and aren’t brought up to know how to tackle. Corners and linebackers can all hit, while wide receivers are giants who range in 6ft-6’3 range.  

3) James Hardy-I have mixed emotions about this one. Part of me feels that Hardy got shafted on this one. He only played a handful of games in 2008 and was sidelined for much of 2009. Sure, he had a difficult preseason, mainly due to his injuries, but I just felt that for being a 2nd round pick, he deserved more time to develop. Hell, lets not forget how bad Eric Moulds was the first two years of his career. If the Bills had big-time players at the wide receiver position, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it. On the flip side for me, the cut does represent more then ever that this is Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix’s football team. And they aren’t respecting prior arrangements from their predecessors.

4) Chad Jackson-Really surprised by this cut. The guy played great in the preseason; catching 11 passes for 115 yards. I kind of figured him to be a number 4 or 5 guy for the Bills. No solid reason on my end why he’s out of a job. Only thing I can come up with is that the Bills undrafted free agents are cheaper than Jackson. OK, I’m reaching, but I don’t have any idea on that one (Actually, I do later)

5) Kirk Chambers-Well, maybe lightning will strike twice with Chambers. Remember, he was cut last year at this time and was brought back only two days later. It’s funny with Chambers, because he kind of stinks, but he’s veteran guy that has been here for awhile now. OK, I don’t know what to say, except the Bills tackle situation really stinks with or without him.  

6) Derek Schouman- Knowing Schouman’s history of injuries, I’m sure when the door hit him on the way out, it must have hurt him. God, will we ever find a tight end?

7) Naaman Roosevelt-Like I said yesterday, hometown or not, how many undrafted wideouts can you have on this team? Maybe he’ll make the practice squad.

Quick hits on what does this all mean?

–Who the hell are our wide receivers? The Bills must have the cheapest wideouts from 2-5 in the NFL–

–I just came up with why Chad Jackson was cut. It’s same thing I preached about Bell and Simpson: Jackson can’t play special times, while Donald Jones can–

–BTW, who the hell is Donald Jones?–

–What would your reaction be if I told you a year ago that our wide receiver depth chart for 2010 would be as followed: Lee Evans, Stevie Johnson, Roscoe Parrish, David Nelson and Donald Jones. Something tells me that you wouldn’t be that impressed–

–I find it kind of funny when you hear fans/media say the following: Because of the Bills cuts, the team went young with their wide receivers. Well, they were still pretty young when training camp began back in July. Not to mention, aren’t James Hardy and Chad Jackson like in their mid-20’s? I mean, we aren’t talking about Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed getting cut–

–BTW, do I even need to bury Tom Modrak anymore than I already have? Actually, do yourself a favor: In the seven years that Modrak has been involved with the Bills drafts, google his 1st and 2nd round selections and compare them to what John Butler did in his seven years as the Bills GM. In the words of Charles Barkley: TUURRIBLE—

–So, let me get this straight: The Bills kept six safeties on the roster (What? Is Dick Jauron coaching this team again with the love of the secondary?), yet, only kept three back-up offensive lineman? I hope Gailey’s strength and conditioning guys can do wonders with this line, because if someone gets hurt, you better call the UFL, the Buffalo Destroyers and an ambulance for the quarterback–

–Not to sound like Mr. Monday Morning Quarterback, but I guess it makes sense for the Bills to carry only five wide receivers. CJ Spiller is probably going to get a ton of reps at wideout and will be depended on to be a legit option in the passing game–

–Lastly, Chan Gailey made it official by naming Trent Edwards as the starter (Gee, you think?)–


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