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I had to take a break from my dream job as the Bills GM to comment on a couple of football related news.

-The Washington Post is reporting the rumor that the Bills may be interested in trading Donte Whitner and a draft pick for Jason Campbell. Now, the report did say that the deal is unlikely, but hey, that would never stop me from talking about it.

I know some people have scoffed at the notion of Campbell to the Bills, but I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with the proposed deal. I’ve already written my thoughts about Whitner being expendable. As for Campbell, he’s had an up and down career, but his biggest problem in my eyes is the lack of continuity that he has endured with offensive coordinators. In Campbell’s five years as a pro, he’s endured 4 different offensive coordinators. Plus, the Redskins haven’t exactly been a good team.

However, if you look at Campbell’s stats, they are actually not that bad. Last year, the former 1st round pick threw for almost 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. He also chipped in with 236 yards rushing. Not too shabby for a guy who was on a 4-12 team. It should be noted that he did this without his top target Chris Cooley and both his starting tackles getting hurt early in the season. Fans have to remember that this year’s draft class for quarterbacks isn’t really that strong. By bringing in Campbell, it would mean that the Bills can wait another year to draft a quarterback from a much stronger class-

-I don’t want to say that I told you so, but…I told you that the Bills wouldn’t be overhauling their personnel in order to fit in a new 3-4 defense. Chan Gailey told TBN that he plans on switching Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay from their defensive end positions to outside linebackers. Along with the two ends switching spots, Gailey says he plans on adjusting the scheme to allow for Kyle Williams to get on the field as often as possible. Well, the only position you could put Williams at is nose tackle. Of course, everyone from Joe six pack to John Clayton says that having Williams play NT is a big mistake.

Look, I know it’s only February, but these moves spell disaster for the Bills defense. I don’t understand why the team is wasting their time with veterans like Schobel and Kelsay. Those guys are in the twilight of their careers. It’s time for a legit overhaul of talent at One Bills Drive. Like I’ve said all along, the Bills believe in fitting a square peg in a round hole when it comes to their player personnel. It’s going to be at least 2 years for the Bills defense to adjust to their new scheme. Why waste your time with guys who more than likely won’t be here after 2010?-

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