Projecting The Top Three Fantasy Football Players For The Bills In 2013

The Buffalo Bills might be going under a bit of a rebuilding season in 2013, but there will still be some intriguing individual players that fantasy football owners will check out. Here is a look at the three best heading into the season, with average pick range.

CJ Spiller

The running back figures to be the best player on the Bills in 2013, and his fantasy football 2013 draft position will reflect that. In most leagues, he will be a first round pick. He is arguably the most elusive running back in the NFL, and with an average of six yards per carry a season ago, he was simply amazing.

He is never going to be a huge touchdown guy thanks to Fred Jackson still being on the roster, but 1500 yards can be obtainable. Expect him to get quite a few passes each game as well thrown his way.

Steve Johnson

Once Spiller is off the board, things get a bit murkier for the rest of Buffalo’s lineup. The #1 receiver position is not completely locked up, but Steve Johnson figures to get around 75-85 passes this season if healthy. That should equal out to about 1000 yards and six touchdowns, which would put him in the 80-90 range in drafts. Obviously, Kevin Kolb or EJ Manuel will have to get him the ball, but any capable NFL quarterback should be able to get Johnson the touches he needs.

Fred Jackson

With the quarterback position still up for grabs, Fred Jackson as the team’s 2nd running back is the third best projected fantasy option. Unfortunately, injuries and age might be getting the best of the once powerful runner. He will get the more physical carries, and he might get some cheap touchdowns as a result, but he’s a fringe fantasy football prospect at this point. Take him in the middle to late rounds if you need depth at running back.



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