My recap: Bills lose to the Jets, 27-20

This always happens with the Jets. I swear. Maybe it is my hatred towards their fan base and just having to live in enemy territory that makes me want to really beat down Gang Green. Just every time I feel confident heading into a Bills/Jets game, they just spank the shit out of us. I never pick the Bills to win games unless they are against a Florida team or Cleveland. So, when I pick them to win, it is a miracle. I thought the Jets were ripe for the pickings. 

Seriously, I'm not going to fall for this anymore. I'm not gonna fall for the NY tabloids explaining how Rex has lost his bravado. How Geno Smith stunk. Just none of that.


  • Since 2009, the Jets have had six different RBs gain over 100 yards rushing against the Bills.
  • Since 2010, their losses have been by 24, 31, 18, 4, 20, and 7 points.
  • Mark Sanchez has thrown 3TDs and 4TDs in a game against Buffalo and now we can add Geno Smith passing for over 300 yards.
  • In their last 7 games against the Jets, the Bills have only sacked the Jets' QBs 3 times.

Seriously, they own us. They own us to the point that the Jets can get more flags than United Nations and still win going away. Don't give me last year's season finale when both teams were trying to get to the golf course. At least against the Pats, we keep it kind of close only to then blow it in the end. The Jets…They just beat you into the ground…and the sad part…They aren't even that good.

—Last week, I was watching the Pats/Jets on the NFL Network and we all know that Geno Smith looked like a rookie. However, I saw folks on Twitter declaring that Geno was already a bust and how "I NEVER LIKED HIM COMING OUT OF COLLEGE" or "Thank God we drafted EJ!" were making the airwaves.

Look, I know all-or-nothing declarations are the norm in the 24/7 sports cycle because no one cares if they are right or wrong. However, it is stupid to throw someone on a pedestal or throw that pedestal at someone's head after just two weeks. A game like this puts rookie QBs into perspective and that's how we won't know what we have until at least next year. So, while we make mistakes in POVs, just realize this is a marathon, not a sprint.

—EJ looked like a rookie yesterday. He didn't have much help from his running game and the Jets pretty much dared him to beat them. When this happens, it is pretty much open season on teeing off on the QB. The Jets did just that. I couldn't believe when I got home from the game and saw the box score at how we gave up 8 sacks. 8!!

Last time the Bills did that was when Rob Johnson was the QB. I know a lot of folks probably want EJ to chuck the ball up 35-40 times to see what he can do, but that's not the right answer. Honestly, go back to how you felt last year when you didn't want Fitz to throw the ball that many times. I get it..It is more exciting to see EJ showing poise than Fitz, but we gotta be patient and realize we got a rookie QB here. The Bills are a running team and outside of a couple of drives, EJ looks like he's still figuring it out like all rookie QBs seem to do.

—I've said this once and I'll say it again, I understand why the Bills decided to let Andy Levitre go. Fine..You don't wanna pay 7-million for a guard. However, their contingency plan for his replacement is a up there with pranking Carrie at Prom. It is a joke. When you go from having a top 3 guard (According to Profootball Focus) to the worst guard in football (According to Profootball Focus), then I rest my case.

—Don't let the Bills 4.8 yards a carry fool you from yesterday. If you take away Fred's 59-yard run, CJ/Fred gained just 22 yards on 16 carries. Besides the giant hole that is Colin Brown, one thing I'm seeing too much of is not enough creativity with their run designs. They don't seem to run too tosses to the outside, which against a team like the Jets, who have kick ass DTs, you'd probably want to try it to the outside more. Look, I don't know what exactly is different from last year to this year, besides Levitre leaving. They are still running out of the spread and shotgun. I'd even consider Manuel being almost the same type of throwing threat like Fitz was last year, but something just doesn't look right with them. Maybe the secret is out that if you want to beat the Bills offense, you gotta stop CJ.

—In his last four games, CJ has averaged 0.9, 6.4, 2.4 and 2.5 yards a carry.

—Remember when the Bills actually got their RBs involved in the screen game? I'm not talking check downs, but designed plays to them? They did that a lot last year and everyone knows that football 101 says that when you have a furious pass rush, the screen game is a QBs best friend. So far this season, CJ Spiller is averaging 3.2 yards a catch. Sorry, but when your RB is averaging more yards a carry than receiving, you have a problem with pass play designs.

–As usual, I ignored how the Bills defense had given up a good chunk of yards the first two weeks of the season, only to then have it shoved in my face by the Jets. I almost shit my pants when I got home and saw how the Bills gave up over 500 yards in offense to the Jets. Seriously? 500!! Did Mike Pettine leave part of his playbook in NY when he got hired here? Some asshole named Powell kicked our asses? The Jets now have 9TD passes in their last 3 wins against Buffalo. They had zero pressure on Geno Smith (2 knockdowns and zero sacks), and outside of Kiko Alonso looking good, the rest of the Bills defense didn't.

—Can someone please explain to Stevie Johnson and myself what exactly is considered taunting? Cause last I checked, Steve Smith did the exact same thing last week like 5 times without getting flagged.

Final word: I know a silver lining seems to be that "At least the Bills kept fighting." What is that crap? Kept fighting? The Bills have always been a never say die team. Even under Jauron they kept fighting until the bitter end against much more talented teams. The Bills were only in this game because the Jets committed 500 penalties and although they were in it towards the end, they just shot themselves in the foot. They reached beyond the Jets' 45-yard-line 7 times and only came away with 1 TD and 4 FGs. Not good enough.


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