My ode to Rian Lindell

I'm waiting for a package at my crib, so, I'm bored and decided to blog about Rian Lindell. Yeah, I'm Mr. Overkill over here.

The Bills cut Lindell. Not exactly shocking as when you draft a kicker they normally are going to win the job. Lindell only has about 2-3 years left based on age and when you kick in Buffalo, you could probably shave a year or two off when you start getting old. I'm sure he will get picked up by a dome team at some point. Overall, I thought Lindell had a nice career in Buffalo. He was a perfect 10 for 10 on FG attempts when the weather was below 21 degrees and was 54 of 65 on FGs when the temp was between 21-40 degrees. In windy conditions, Lindell was 66 of 73 on FGs between 21-40 yards. In precipitation, Lindell boomed 24 of 26 kicks, including being 2-2 on 50-yarders.  

Sounds good…Except I'm a bit bitter about some of his missed kicks.

I'm sure all kickers, great or bad, miss big kicks, but the misses stay with me more than the makes, especially when the makes are kind of forgettable.

I go back to 2004 when Lindell missed key kicks in close losses against the Jags (Opener) and Steelers (Season finale). You could easily play the "what if?" game about whether he makes those kicks. How about that Cleveland Monday night game when he pushed a 47-yard field goal wide right in the last seconds and we saw a pissed off Jim Kelly on the sidelines?

There was a close loss against SF in Buffalo in 2008, where he was a mess; Missing 2 makeable FGs and an PAT against a really bad SF team. I assure you, I didn't have to think too hard about those misses because I was at bar partying and those misses pretty much took the air right out of our party boat sails..Fans and players alike. Like I said, I remember the bad.

This is probably more of an indictment against the Bills for being awful through most of Lindell's time here. I can recall about 10 big Steve Christie makes. Hell, even Norwood had big kicks before SBXXV. You know what the difference is? They made the playoffs, while Lindell didn't and because of that their kicks mattered more. They just didn't give him many shots at making game-winners or being the next Adam Vinatieri. However, were there ever clutch kicks the guy made that won us games?

I have 3:

–The game winner against NE in 2011. This was a great game, albeit, it was only a chip shot for Lindell.
–The Sean Taylor game.  This was the game where Washington tried icing Lindell by calling a timeout, except Joe Gibbs was stupid enough to call two timeouts in a row, which resulted in a 15-yard penalty.
–The last play of the game against the Raiders that put the Bills at 3-0 in 2008. Remember when Trent Edwards was good?

And that's pretty much it.

Sadly, if I could swap those key misses for the key makes, I would have done it in a heartbeat. The 2004 kicks really burned my ass because if the Bills won one those games, they are in the playoffs. The Cleveland game was just a terrible way to lose on national TV.

Sure, he made some nice kicks, but the misses resonate more with me…just like all the losses. Anyways, hopefully the next guy will have more chances at making big ones than his predecessor.

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