Coming home never felt so good

Normally, I try and bust out at least 1-2 deep posts a week about the Bills and Sabres. However, at this moment, I can’t. I’m just not feeling up to writing something about them today. It’s been a rough six week for our heroes in the (716). I really can’t blog about the impact of Kelvin Sheppard’s 14 tackles or how Zack Kassian lost his teeth. 

Lately, I’ve been in a very cynic mood. And no, it has nothing to do with the Bills and Sabres. (Alright, that’s a white lie, but go with me)

I’m going through a lot of doubts about life in NYC. Let’s just say that I’m going through a deep thought process about what I wanna do next in my life. The 500 mile road I’ve been traveling hasn’t lead to a dead end yet, but the trees and houses seem to look the same after every mile. Instead of looking for a new map, I’m still driving down that road and wondering if I should turn this car around.

Whether you are 18 or 60, we travel that same road and wonder if it is all worth it. When you aren’t sure anymore, you start losing ambition. The flame or fire is still there, but it is burning at both ends of the candle and you are left wondering if the person you thought you knew, is going to exist when it eventually disintegrates. 

NYC can be a very lonely city sometimes. Everyone is always on the go and when you’ve been a freelancer at 20 or so different gigs, your relationships with colleagues or friends seems to be in a two month range. You work with them and you go out for drinks sometimes and then you go to the next job. Sure, you keep in touch…pleading if they know anyone that is hiring. However, it’s not like…


I’m going back to Buffalo in six days for the holidays and I couldn’t tell you how badly I want to get back there. I’m hoping that just like when Scott Norwood had his worst moment of his life and the people of WNY raised his morale at a rally the next day, I can maybe get a little of that love. Alright, my rally actually consists of some bar off Elmwood Avenue with friends and family. Better yet, maybe I’ll take in that Tebow/Bills games with friends. Alright, so we don’t have a snowball chance in hell in winning, but ticket prices will be low and my morale will be high because I’ll be with friends and family.

I’m also going to the Tux/Pucks night with my younger cousin. He use to play hockey and I’m looking forward to just sitting there and trying to poke holes at his story about how he blasted Pat Kaleta into the boards when he was 16. Sure you did. Maybe that is why the F’N center is so quiet. Maybe friends are just chatting away with each other about stories of days gone by. Talking about the good old days. Friends, families, the roads we traveled.

Maybe it’s my apathy towards our teams and my life, but that’s what it is all about when you look at the grand scheme of sports.

Maybe some of you started friendships and relationships at these games. Sure, it’s easy to say what the best or worst part are for those games, Win or lose, right? However, when you look at your friendships, the best part was that it didn’t end at the game. Maybe you met your wife/husband there. It led to a first date, first kiss, first I love you. Yeah, maybe the Kiss Cam at the Arena isn’t so bad after all.

The friendships evolved. Bars, theme parks, dinners, bars and more bars. We have all heard about how the Bills/Sabres have always been a communal gathering. It has been used time and time again by anyone who can write or use a microphone. Hell, at times I think our love for going to these games are used against us by the teams to put a inferior product on the field (See: Bills and Tom Golisano).

However, in my state, I’m looking for something to get away from my stresses.

I’m looking for some camaraderie with friends over beers and sports. Maybe friendships started with football, but they certainly didn’t end at the games. Sure the Bills blow and the Sabres have been average, but I’m not thinking about it when I come home. I’m thinking of seeing the gang from middle school and telling the same old stories that I seem to embellish. Maybe it will be over Pinto Kenny’s grill or in the car on the way to the game, but the ride will always be the same…fun. 

We have three Bills games left. Yes, we can just piss and moan about how bad the season has become and how we want it to end. I assure you, I’ll probably do it within a day, but when you look at the friendships we’ve made because of these teams, don’t you wish the season never ended?


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