Buffalo Bills: Midseason Awards

Most Bills fans will take 5-3 at the midway point of the season, right? If you asked me in August, I’d have taken that record in an instant. But after the 3-0 start, I’m not so sure. Maybe the beginning of the year got my hopes too high. Who knows. 

In true Bills form, they’ve treated us to some extremely high highs and most recently, some low lows. It’s just what they do to us. With the Cowboys game on the horizon, we want to look ahead (I despise everything about the Cowboys, and hopefully you do too by the way) but here are BuffaloWins.com’s awards for the Bills’ first half of the season. 

Since I’m a proud optimist, I’ll try not to throw in too many negatives… 

Offensive MVP: Fred Jackson 

Jackson is on pace to break some of Thurmanator’s records. Doesn’t that say enough? He is the heartbeat of the team, eludes tacklers, catches balls out of any pre-snap position and is a punishing blocker. Just ask this Jets defender. A big second half from Jackson and the Bills get into the playoffs. Yeah, I said it. 

Defensive MVP: George Wilson 

 I still can’t believe this guy used to be a wide receiver. He was a terror against Mike Vick and the Eagles, has four interceptions (where you at Donte Whitner?) and is the team’s vocal leader. Not great in any one area, but covers the entire field and somehow is an extremely capable run stuffer. Coolest nickname on the team, too. The Senator. 

Offensive LVP: C.J. Spiller and Brad Smith 

OK, so Chan Gailey has said that Spiller isn’t playing because of Jackson’s incredible season. Fair enough. Still, the guy has all the God-given ability in the world and was the man in college. He can’t even get on the field? As for Smith, I know some of you were ecstatic when we signed him this offseason. I wasn’t, outside of the fact that he wouldn’t be on the Jets anymore. When he’s in the game he runs from the Wildcat and falls forward after a four yard gain. Isn’t the Wildcat getting a little old anyway?

Defensive LVP: George Edwards 

Sorry, I couldn’t really single any one player out. They’ve all had their moments. Edwards’ blitzes rarely get home (I am not counting the Redskins game due to their extreme ineptitude on offense) and they play soft coverage. It bothers me. Play up on the receivers. If you claim to have two good safeties, they’ll help over the top. Enough of this “bend-don’t-break” garbage. I thought we were done with that. 

Best singular moment: Rian Lindell’s field goal to beat the Patriots. 

Re-read. “Beat. The. Patriots.” It was pure nirvana in the stadium that day and it was like 85 degrees to boot. Sure, the rest of the game was amazing enough, but the finishing touch on that game, that losing streak and the Evil Empire was bliss. 

Best play call: David Nelson touchdown catch against the Raiders 

 Chan Gailey at his finest. Totally confused the hell out of the Raiders secondary on that side of the field. Nelson was wide open. A thing of beauty. Trent Edwards could have made that throw.

Worst play call: 4th and 1 against the Jets 

You know what I’m talking about. Got to either be a QB sneak or a play-action pass. Turk Schonert-esque predictability there. 

Best start to a game: Dexter McCluster’s fumble 

As they do to start every game, about five of my friends “called it”. Chaos ensued afterward when it really happened this time. It set the tone for the entire game and hopefully the entire year.  

Funniest Moment: Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Scream 

Check it outtttt. That alone is worth 59 million dollars.

Best Decision: The Spread Offense

We saw this last season, but it has come to life this year and it is really fun to watch. We’ve all lived through some very unwatchable football from the Bills over the years. Thanks, Chan. 

Worst Decision: The New Turf

Apparently last year the NFL players rated the Ralph’s turf as one of the worst in the league. What did the Bills do? Put in a new one. Fine. Then…Shawne Merriman has Achilles troubles (Ok, that was bound to happen) Roscoe Parrish suffers a season ending ankle injury the first time he touches the ball against the Raiders. Kyle Williams done for the year. Why? Problems with his foot. Donald Jones injures what against the Eagles? His ankle. Maybe it’s nothing. I’m just sayin’.

Most Improved: David Nelson 

This guy is killing it out there. Rarely drops a pass. Runs crisp routes. Moves the chains. Is a big target for Fitzpatrick. Is dating a Cowboys cheerleader and seems like heck of an all-around guy. Bright future for this undrafted guy out of Florida. (How do you go undrafted out of Florida and end up being this good?)

Best Twitter Feed: Stevie Johnson 

Come on. He’s the Bills’ Chad OchoCinco. How about his Halloween costume. Awesome. He’s a real character. Now it’s time to get him the football more often. 

Greatest Upcoming Moment: The Bills Making the Playoffs 

People always ask me, “What would you do if the Bills won the Super Bowl”?. Hell, I don’t even know what I’d do if they made the postseason. Riot? Drink heavily? Bawl my eyes out? I really don’t know. I was 11 the last time the Bills were in the playoffs. I wasn’t exactly thinking about riots or Blue Light then. OK, I wouldn’t cry. I don’t think.

Let the Bills get there first.