Bills need to establish the run + quick hits

-17 runs between your three running backs, who can all start for at least half of the NFL? Not a good ratio. Look, I know we all want a high powered offense that resembles a mix of the K-Gun  and the run and shoot. However, the Bills don’t have the personnel for that sort of aerial assault. All summer, I kept hearing fans of Chan Gailey talk about how he got the most out of his players and would tailor-make the offense around his core players. In other words, Gailey would accentuate the positives and hide the negatives of his team. When Gailey was in Pittsburgh, all he did was run the football down the opposition’s throats. Why? Because that’s what the Steelers did best and Mike Tomczak wasn’t any good. Well, throwing the football sure as hell isn’t the best thing for the Bills to do. The Bills have to find ways to get either 1 or 3 of their running backs involved-

– BTW, many fans and experts have been talking a lot about how the interior line of the Bills is their strongest point of a weak unit. Well, if the middle three are so good, why the hell can’t we run the ball up the middle!? I’m sorry, but who is Miami’s nose tackle? Who were their inside linebackers? Last I checked, we weren’t playing against the Killer Bees. I’m sorry, but there was no excuse to run the ball only 17 times. Bottom line: Pound the stupid rock-

-So, are you surprised that Lee Evans isn’t exactly happy with Trent Edwards? I know, I’ve given Evans his share of the blame for his sub-par production, but at least when he was with Losman, #83 ran as if he were Randy Moss. Now, the dude looks to be a poor man’s version of Keyshawn Johnson; catching 8-10 yard passes. His numbers have declined and Edwards has no clue how to throw the ball down field. Again, Edwards is a vertical wide receivers worse nightmare-

-So, is anyone surprised that Poz is hurt, again? Seriously, I’m close to done with the dude. And when I say that, I’m not talking about getting rid of him, I’m talking about counting on him to be a player you can build your linebackers around. He’s an average linebacker with a really cool polish, white name. I for one, am all for adding a inside linebacker spot to the Bills Christmas list for next year-

-I don’t care what anyone says, (I’ll admit, I fell for the stupid (Fake) quarterback competition the Bills had during the summer.) but Trent Edwards is lucky to have a job in the NFL. You honestly think Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm are worse? Sorry, but  judging from last year, you can make a case that Fitzpatrick is better. Here’s the deal: I’m not saying that Fitz or Brohm can change the fortunes of the Bills, but I’m in no mood to seeTrent Edwards throw the ball 5-yards down field week after week. He’s on a short leash with me. I’m talking, end of September/early October. Sorry, but the Bills have absolutely no loyalty or investment left in Trent. Frankly, the team has given him more chances than the Yankees gave Darryl Strawberry-

-Look, I’ve said it before, this season has to be about progress with certain individuals. Hey, Leodis McKelvin, Dwan and David Nelson played nice solid games against Miami. Young guys who are just enterting the primes of their careers (Hopefully).What am I trying to say? This team is rebuilding and you need to look for young guys. Forget the Chan Gailey rally cries of intense practices and stupid blue collar marketing materials. This ain’t the year, kids-


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