Fan Loyalty Amid Relocation by @BradleyGelber

Friday afternoon news broke that the San Diego Chargers had reached an agreement to join the Rams in Los Angeles… However, shortly after that initial report, Chargers owner Dean Spanos decided against leaving, choosing to remain in San Diego for at least the 2016 season. After all the drama, I started thinking about Chargers fans […]


Reflecting on Wade Phillips run in Buffalo

What’s that old saying…Buffalo is always somehow connected? Alright, maybe its not that hard to find a correlation with any coaches/players that are playing in a Super Bowl that have something to do with anyone’s hometown team. I’m sure Bruce DeHaven will get a lot of love since he was a part of the Super […]


My 5 biggest needs for the Bills this offseason

5) Safety Aaron Williams is a top 12 safety and his loss this past year was crucial since the trio of Rambo/Graham/Duke didn’t do much for me. If someone like Williams is back there, you can get away with having 1 of the 3 there, but 2 of the 3? Eh. I’m worried about 23’s […]

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My “F-Bomb” Review of the Bills 2015 season

Basically, this is the football force. There was the light side where I wrote about the running game’s progress, the CBs being islands and Sammy Watkins becoming a star. Its the Jedi counsel of Buffalo Bills football. However, there’s the darkside or the other side of the force. Darth Ryan? Kylo Whaley? Emperor Pegula? There’s […]


One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce: Bills 2015 Position Review – QBs As the second day of Wild Card weekend peaks over the horizon, at Buffalo Wins we’re looking reviewing the Bills, position by position. First up is quarterback. Going into the 2015 season, the three-way competition between EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor and Kevin Kolb Kyle Orton Matt Cassel was at points a competition in what player could […]


My “Mega-Happy Ending” review of the Bills 2015 Season

I normally do 2 of these reviews. This is the review that will make you want to buy season tickets again and go to a happy place in your Bills fandom. Rex for President! Extend Tyrod! Alright, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole. However, there are some nice things we can build on that I’ll […]