My Issue With the Bills New Media Policy @BradleyGelber

As you probably heard by now, the Bills released a new policy regarding media access on Tuesday. Since then, everyone and their mother have given their opinion on the matter. I was going to keep my opinions to Twitter and not bother writing an entire piece about it, but then I got ticked off and […]

M night

One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @rdotdeuce – Bills Take Media to The Village

I have an important confession to make to you all. I enjoy M. Night Shyamalan movies far more than I let on. So when the Bills announced to the media their new OTA/Training Camp/Practice rules, I chuckled and thought, “this is just like the Village”. For those that don’t know – The Village was a […]


2016 NBA Mock Draftin’ by @manecci

I know this is a Buffalo Bills/Sabres hot take haven site but as long as I’m writing for this site I’m going to make it an NBA one as well. I’m a die hard Lakers fan and NBA nut. So after last nights Lakers “victory” I was inspired to attempt my first ever NBA Mock. […]


Four Potential Sabres Targets to watch in the Conference Finals by @evancdent

After the Leafs won the draft lottery, it was fair for Sabres fans to take a little break from thinking about the team. Besides some of the Sabres playing for their respective countries in the World Championships, not much has been going on – the team resigned Johan Larsson, renamed their arena (welcome to KeyBank […]


Baseball’s Ridiculous Unwritten Rules by @mack10zie

Full Disclaimer: I am 100% a Blue Jays fan. Now that this fact is out of the way, I want to address the big brawl from Sunday in which Jose Bautista got jacked by Odor. My issue with this is less about the punch and more about the events that led to it. The unwritten […]

Flipping Boston

One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @rdotdeuce – #OneBuffaloFixerUpper

As I joked with Chris Ostrander of 2itb on Twitter, there isn’t an HGTV show that won’t fit Buffalo’s situation in general, but yesterday was a gem: Like one of those HGTV shows, the Bills consistently sell you a house. It’s a lovely house, one that you imagine your family and friends enjoying. But then […]


One Fan(n)’s QUICK Opinion by @rdotdeuce – M.A.S.H. Buffalo

For tonight I’m going to keep it short and sweet. The Bills, in an effort to “get ahead of” Shaq Lawson’s pre-existing injury are going to have him get the surgery they claimed he didn’t need. In fact, if you look at their 5 things on Shaq after he was drafted – number 4 was […]

Buffalo Biking

Why Rod Watson and the Buffalo News are wrong (again) by @husaria

Let me tell you a story: Last week I left my wallet at home while having my car serviced. I was about a mile from home. I thought to myself, well, shit, I’ll walk home and then bike back. I got to my house and realized I left a part of my bike that I need […]

buff billions

The Buffalo Billion, the Most Expensive #becauseitsbuffalo Ever by @husaria

Hello out there. You’re looking at the headline and thinking, what does the Buffalo Billion have to do with sports? So, when Rich asked me to come on board, he asked what I wanted to write about. I said hockey, but I would also write silly pieces about football, (I thought about writing a non-football person’s […]

rex ryan

Rex Has No Excuses By @mack10zie

Rex has no excuses anymore. When the Bills hired Rex, it seemed like a match made in heaven. The Bills had a top 5 defense; Rex’s defenses had always been in the top 5 prior to Buffalo, what could go wrong? Well as it turns out everything could go wrong. Rex couldn’t decide on a […]