Six Things to Keep an Eye On During Sabres Camp by @EvancDent

For the first time in many years, the Sabres can be talked about as serious playoff contenders. Though it will take some big steps from certain players, the Sabres definitely have the core talent in place to move up the standings. As they begin training camp, here are the biggest questions that they’ll have to […]

Bills 33, Cardinals 18 Bills Recap and Tweet Bag by @rdotdeuce Whoa, did not see that coming. On a day where many, myself included were waiting for the Arizona Cardinals to roll into Buffalo and over the Bills, Rex Ryan and his team took it to Arians and company – winning 33 to 18. The Bills ran for over 200 yards without Watkins and much […]

How to Fix the Bills by @mack10zie

Sorry folks, when I respond to the above, I’m not talking about 2016. I am speaking how to fix the Bills moving forward as a franchise. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 0-4 is coming quick. I’m not suggesting all of these fixes now, but I do believe they all needs […]


Roman Gets Godfather’d and Media on Media Reporting Post-Mortem by @rdotdeuce

The Bills really are the most giving franchise in the NFL. Two weeks into the season, instead of the usual pablum of which teams are falling and which are ascending, the Bills fire their offensive coordinator. Apparently, right after the yearly team picture. As if Thursday’s loss and Friday’s firing weren’t enough, the Bills gave […]


Greg Roman Canned as the Blame Game Begins by @rdotdeuce

Well, that was quick. Mere hours after the Bills lost to the Jets 37-31, they have fired their offensive coordinator, Greg Roman.  Anthony Lynn, Rex’s offensive right-hand man, will take over the duties. 24 points in a game by your offense and you’re firing your offensive coordinator into the sun. Tandem biking into the Falls on […]

Hockey’s Back! The Buffalo Wins World Cup of Hockey Preview by @evancdent

  While we were all focusing on the Bills, fretting about Sammy Watkins’ season-ending/actually-just-a-pain-tolerance-issue injury and preparing our dissertations on whether the Tyrod Taylor contract is already mistake, hockey had the gall to start up again. That’s right, even though it’s mid-September, there’s serious hockey to be played – the World Cup of Hockey is […]


Bills 31, Jets 37 Game Recap and Tweetbag by @rdotdeuce

Going into last night’s game, being in week two and having to say “must win” was a little crazy, yet there we were. With two 17 point swings, turnovers and generally sloppy football, the Bills stumped their fans in “how can we disappoint you this time” with an array of misfires and complete brain cramps […]